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Reviews Capitaine Fracasse

16 customers have given us their feedback 4.5/ 5

Abigail Caruana - April 14th 2016
5 / 5
Food was delicious! Excellent selection!
Jan B. - November 12th 2015
5 / 5
Dinner cruise on the Seine. Exellent service and the food was very good. The view of Paris from the river is magnificant. We didn't have time to watch the seenery from the upper deck, the trip could have been 1 hour longer.
Aron F. - November 12th 2015
4 / 5
The cruise was wonderful and the food absolutely excellent! We sat in the middle of the boat. Upgrading to a window seat would have been well worth it, but we still had a good view. The length of the cruise was perfect -- not too long and not too short. We got out just in time to see the Tower sparkle at the top of the hour. It was a terrific evening!
Linda C. - November 12th 2015
4 / 5

Our group thoroughly enjoyed our dinner cruise on the Capitaine Fracasse, organised through the Come-to-Paris website. The setting and comfort of the boat were even nicer than expected, and the food was delicious and interesting. The sights of Paris by night were lovely.
The only concern was a question over our prepaid voucher, as we were aksed to pay again. This was sorted out by the staff before the end of the cruise, but the handling of the prepaid vouchers could be improved.
I would recommend to friends travelling to Paris to go on the cruise.

Sharon M. - November 12th 2015
4 / 5
Hello - we did indeed enjoy the evening on the Capitaine Fracasse - Thank you for your help and we found the meal delightful and very tasty indeed! A real treat! Sharon
STEPHENS - November 12th 2015
5 / 5
Thankyou yes, we had a wonderful time. The meal on the cruise was especially good - well prepared, very tasty and good value. Didn't see much of the sights as we met an American couple getting onto the boat and spent a very pleasant 2 hoirs chatting to them over dinner!
Vicky D. - November 12th 2015
5 / 5

i would like to thankyou so much for a lovely visit. we did the dinner cruise and it was superb, really well organised and the staff were very friendly. it was for my sisters 50 birthday and it was something she will always remeber.

Caitriona T. - November 12th 2015
4 / 5
What a wonderful experience to travel down the River Seine with the moon out. It was a lovely night and it was Friday 11th February so we were over in Paris for a romantic valentine's weekend and can only say that it was a great success. I always wanted to have dinner on the River Seine so it was a special night with my boyfriend. Unfortunately all the window seats were gone but that did not ruin the view. The food, service and ambiance was top class. Definitely worth a trip. Only problem was trying to find the boat. There is a sign on the other side for parking but the taxi thought the boat at that sign was the boat as did other guests and we were all racing across the bridge as did not realise it was at other side of river. Better signage of where the boat is located. Thank you for memorable trip.
Jose Manuel C. - November 12th 2015
4 / 5

hello, I was pleasantly surprised dinner was perfect, very good money, the perfect amount of food, the waiter service very good, even bought a picture that cost 20 euros, my girlfriend and I enjoyed it, I strongly recommend to everybody
PD: very important to catch the drinks service, it's worth, we caught it very well, other people pay too

Andrew N. - November 12th 2015
5 / 5

The cruise was great, food was excellent and service was very quick. The line up for Capitaine Fracasse and loading area left something to be desired as you all wait by a poorly marked metal gate until moments before you are to leave.

Other than that the experience was well worth the money.

Herman M. - November 12th 2015
4 / 5

The reservation was O.K. We both have enjoyed the trip very much and the weather was good as well.
One small remark: there was no music on board.

CARLOS ZEVALLOS - October 7th 2015
5 / 5
Romantic, clean, so good food, courtesy attention and friendly, totally rdcommnde
Edwin Hann - August 27th 2015
5 / 5
Special anniversary experience with personal service that gave us unique view of Paris and good variety of food provided in a separate setting that affirmed our relationship.
Sultan Asiri - August 19th 2015
5 / 5

beautiful memories and great time
thanks to to the stuff of capitaine fracasse.♡

Bernardita Acabado -
5 / 5
Good food with good services.
Patrick Bauder -
5 / 5
The Capitaine Fracasse was a great way to see the City of Light.
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