France Travel Information

Paris, the capital of France, has about 2.2 million inhabitants - more than 12 million with urban surroundings.

Paris is located in the northern part of France and is crossed by the Seine. It is divided into 20 districts with a total area of 105 square kilometers.

If you are visiting Paris for the first time, you can be confident that the much vaunted "Paris in Spring" is the obvious choice. However, depending on your budget, tolerance for large crowds and points of interest, another period of the year may suit you better. Thus, the winter season in Paris offers plenty of light and festivities. As for the fall, events such as the harvest of Montmartre offer a beautiful overview of Paris, memorable and authentic.

If you come to Paris, you should try one of those popular cabaret shows such as famous Moulin Rouge, Lido or Crazy Horse.

Many cultural events and festivals are held in Paris especially between May and October:

  • The Paris Marathon (April)
  • Gay Pride (June)
  • The Music Festival (June 21st)
  • Paris Plage (July / August) that transforms the banks of the Seine into beaches
  • Techno Parade (September)
  • White nights (October)
  • International Fair of Contemporary Art - FIAC - the Grand Palais (October)