Terminus Nord

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Happy birthday to you… the light is suddenly dimmed and the waiters gather around the cake, complete with birthday candles, to sing the customary refrain to the guest of honor on his birthday.

This is a commonplace scene at the Terminus where the patrons and the staff have always joined forces to play out the part. Paris Gare du Nord, terminus !
Travelers from London, Brussels, Amsterdam have only to cross the road to partake of some refreshment. With its mahogany bar, the copper and the mirrors, its seafood and its bouillabaisse, ladies and gentlemen, the Terminus Nord invites you to enter Paris via the gourmet gate, the brasserie gate. And to think that it never closes, the incessant service never seems to stop. A mixture of art nouveau and art deco, this great café, once the property of the Northern Railway Company, has always lived according to the rhythm of the railway and the arrival of the Eurostar has only served to heighten this link. Businessmen on the way to the London, European parliament members returning from Brussels, families arriving from the country or from abroad, all paths meet at the Terminus Nord, the most lively of all the great brasseries.


This product is no more available on our website.


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