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Ladurée Paris Champs-Elysées Bar Tea Time


Ladurée Champs-Elysées: Bar Tea Time

Tea Time at Ladurée Champs-Elysées

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  • Tea Time prestigieux chez Ladurée Champs-Elysées
  • Sélection exquise de pâtisseries françaises
  • Cadre élégant et raffiné
  • Parfait avant une visite du rooftop de l'Arc de Triomphe ou une soirée au Crazy Horse

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Tea Time at Ladurée Champs-Elysées & Arc de Triomphe in Paris

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  • Tea Time at Ladurée
  • Ticket for ascending the Arc de Triomphe in Paris
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What to expect

Imagine yourself strolling along the most beautiful avenue in the world, the Champs-Elysées, where Parisian elegance reveals itself with every step. At the heart of this mythical avenue lies an irresistible invitation to the ultimate gourmet break: Tea Time at Ladurée, an iconic experience that blends tradition and refinement in one of Paris's most emblematic locations.

Nestled on the first floor of the Ladurée Champs-Elysées house, the Bar welcomes you to a setting where luxury and indulgence blend with the history of this establishment founded in 1862. From 12 pm to 6 pm, uninterrupted, Ladurée offers an exceptional Tea Time experience at €65 per person, an unforgettable gastronomic journey immersing you in the sweet and elegant universe of French pastry.

Your culinary adventure begins with a hot beverage of your choice, selected from a range of fine teas, aromatic coffees, or creamy hot chocolates, prepared with the utmost care to accompany your tasting. The ritual continues with a selection of delights celebrating Ladurée's pastry excellence.

The Ispahan Cookie and ice cream transports you into a world of flavors, where the sweetness of rose intertwines with the tangy notes of raspberry and the exoticism of lychee. The Coconut and lime Religieuse, with its airy texture and perfect balance between the creaminess of coconut and the freshness of lime, offers a unique taste experience.

For chocolate enthusiasts, the Jivara hazelnut Soufflé Tart, with its melting heart and crispy pastry, is a true ode to chocolate and hazelnuts. And for those who prefer traditional flavors, the Savoie Cake, offered in chestnut or vanilla, evokes the sweets of yesteryears with incomparable lightness.

The journey continues with the Citrus Baklava, a reinterpretation of the oriental classic where citrus brings a touch of freshness and lightness, and the Kiwi, apple, Greek yogurt espuma duo, which combines the sweetness of the fruit with the airy texture of the espuma for a delicate end to the tasting.

To perfect this experience, what could be better than selecting four macarons from Ladurée's iconic creations before being offered a box of two macarons, a gourmet souvenir of your visit.

This Tea Time at Ladurée is also an opportunity to extend your Parisian day in the most beautiful way possible. Ideally located, why not enjoy it before ascending to the rooftop of the Arc de Triomphe, offering a panoramic view of Paris? Or perhaps, make it the prelude to an unforgettable evening at the Crazy Horse, the famous Parisian cabaret, located just a few steps away.

At €65 per person, Tea Time at Ladurée Champs-Elysées is not just a gourmet break; it is an immersion in the art of French living, a celebration of high-quality pastry in an exceptional setting. It's the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to a moment of pleasure, alone, with your partner, or with friends, and to be seduced by the excellence and refinement of Ladurée.


Every day: 12:00 pm, 12:15 pm, 12:30 pm, 12:45 pm, 1:00 pm, 1:15 pm, 1:30 pm, 1:45 pm, 2:00 pm, 2:15 pm, 2:30 pm, 2:45 pm, 3:00 pm, 3:15 pm, 3:30 pm, 3:45 pm, 4:00 pm, 4:15 pm, 4:30 pm, 4:45 pm, 5:00 pm



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