Boat Le Grand Bleu - New Year's Eve 2023 Boat Le Grand Bleu - New Year's Eve 2023

Boat Le Grand Bleu - New Year's Eve 2023


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A boarding under the Eiffel Tower, an exceptional evening, a meal specially made on board, a singer and her orchestra… what else do you need to spend a perfect new year's eve?
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Elegance and refinement. This luxurious brasserie offers an amazing view on the Eiffel Tower, at the heart of Paris.

What to expect

The Grand Bleu is a panoramic boat offering customers an outstanding setting and breathtaking views of the Paris sights.

Board the boat at the foot of the Eiffel Tower from 19:30 and come geared up for a magical evening, with the cruise departing at 20:30 on the dot. The Grand Bleu has everything planned for your night of entertainment, including a great show. So without further ado, join the privileged few by embarking on this special evening on the most beautiful Avenue in the world: the Seine.

Climbing on board the Grand Bleu panoramic boat next to the Eiffel Tower on New Year's Eve, is an exceptional experience in itself and will take on a whole new dimension when combined with our dinner-cruise offer. With an attractive show to enhance the evening including an impressive range of entertainment, rest assured your transition into the New Year will be unforgettable. With dancers, DJ and party poppers, you will find yourself in an all-festive atmosphere that will hold tight in your memories forever.

Enjoy your 2.5 hour ride on the waters of the Seine, with a dinner that will not only whet your appetite and leave your mouth watering for more, but will make you bust out your dance moves like never before too! With generous portion sizes, you will be able to feast on the highest quality dishes as well as the usual festive treats. With a menu designed by award winning chefs, who are experts in combining new flavours with familiar ones, you will be spoilt by the culinary quality laid out before you!

Sail on the waves while admiring the lit-up Parisian skyline, and enjoy an exceptional dinner-show at the same time. There is little to compete with this for your perfect New Year’s Eve. Imagine approaching midnight having enjoyed a succulent meal alongside a captivating festive atmosphere. What better way to welcome you into the New Year?
A subtle blend of traditional verses modern trends will make this magical moment a transition into the New Year as you have never known before. A truly enthralling and entrancing evening, the atmosphere will be reminiscent of that of the most famous Parisian cabarets as well as traditional Parisian Music-Hall scenes.

A magical environment and a gourmet meal of highest level are on the agenda for this exceptional dinner-cruise. Spend your New Year in the most attractive conditions and enjoy the party to the maximum, while watching the main Paris attractions go by your window. To enjoy this atmosphere orchestrated by professional festive entertainers, contact us now and spend your New Year’s Eve in the best possible way!

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Published over a year ago
Everything was amazing! Quality service and romantic athmosphere! I put 4 instead of 5 stars because of the unexpected men in dresses that sang throughout the whole night. Totally ruined the good mood! Cheers

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