Les Noces de Jeannette - Valentine's Day 2020 Les Noces de Jeannette - Valentine's Day 2020

Les Noces de Jeannette - Valentine's Day 2020


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Celebrate Valentine's Day in the sanctuary of glamour and enjoy a Crazy party in the Kingdom of Desire! On this special date, the Crazy Horse presents you two divine shows.

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Celebrate Valentine's Day with your beloved one on board the Bateaux Parisiens. A special menu will be served for this romantic dinner cruise on the Seine.

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Unforgettable Valentine’s Day on the boat with the departure from left bank of Seine River and a romantic dinner on board !

Chez la Mère Catherine

Valentine's Day in a restaurant that makes part of Paris history, founded in 1793 close to the Sacred Heart. Danton said: Drink and eat, because we will die tomorrow.
from €115

Paris Seine

Like every year, Paris Seine invites lovers to come and celebrate Valentine's Day in Paris with a romantic dinner cruise and a chocolate heart to share.

What to expect

Celebrate the Valentine's Day at Les Noces de Jeannette restaurant, in the second Arrondissement of Paris. Tradition, tradition, tradition are the key words where this restaurant is concerned. With a warm and welcoming atmosphere to match the style of dishes served there, this restaurant is more than 100 years old. For a New Year treat, Les Noces de Jeannette offers a romantic diner.

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