Brunch in Paris Brunch in Paris

Brunch in Paris

It has become somewhat of a Sunday tradition. Brunch, this concept straight from the United States, has won over the French. More elaborate than breakfast, less formal than lunch, you eat whatever you want without being accountable to anyone. Savory or sweet, pain au chocolat or bacon, orange juice or wine, what will people say? You have the choice!

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Tracey G.
September 29th 2023
We had a fantastic time , brilliant night with amazing food , staff were wonderful , throughly enjoyed the night
Paul T.
Fabulous show
September 27th 2023
Fabulous - tickets arrive immediately arrive early (45min) as 1st come 1st seated
Susan S.
September 26th 2023

The boat was very nice and seeing the sights at night was beautiful. The food was average. The beverage choices where good. There was a bit of a smell back by the bathrooms so I was glad we were not sitting there. Overall I would recommend

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