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jay November 13th 2016
It was a nice evening out. The restaurant was nice and within a couple minute walk of Crazy Horse. The show was entertaining.
Stephen F.Published over a year ago
Crazy Horse was better than Moulin Rouge from our viewpoint. I like the more explicit flavor of their show. Great surrounding cafes and metro too.
Eliana S.Published over a year ago
It was a great weekend and I will be back. It was great! !!
JOHN M.Published over a year ago

Excellent revue - well choreographaphed and a good evening's entertainment for all adult audiences (almost entirely couples of all ages). Our wives enjoyed the show as much as us. .
Seats could be a litlle more comfortable but otherwise good

Ani C.Published over a year ago

I went to the Crazy Horse with my daughter and we were amazed about the beauty...the lightning and the good choreographic show of the beautiful gracious girls! Had been already years ago with my mum at the Crazy horse and nothing of that beauty and class has changed !!
Still the most best arrange and lightened girls that can dance very well.

Michael B.Published over a year ago

we had a very nice trip to Paris over Easterntime.
Crazy Horse show is wunderful! Next time we come to Paris we book again with, it´s perfect!

Stephen P.Published over a year ago
A very good web site with a responsive and friendly staff by phone. All of our reservations were spot on. Thank you for making our tour of Paris a memorable one. Cheers!
DavidPublished over a year ago
I was truly pleased with the service. No hastle when I arrived at the club. Was seated immediately and enjoyed the show. I originally tried to use the Crazy Horse website, but it didn't work, so I found this site. Very convenient and the same price as the Crazy Horse site. Why bother with them when you can have the convenience of any show in Paris through
Troy S.Published over a year ago

This was my first time travelling anywhere other than Australia. I have always wanted to come to Paris to experience it. It did not disappoint - I LOVED Paris! Tres Bein!!! I loved the people and the history. It is an amazing place to enjoy. I had some people say that French people can come across a little rude but I did not experience that at all! Beautiful people.

I decided to go see Taboo at the Crazy Horse - I wanted to experience a tasteful, fun show and I was not disappointed. There were many couples attending and the show was not smutty or crass, it was a tantalising, titilating and a tease. :)
Lovely girls were very entertaining and I would recommend this show to anyone. What better place to go to the Crazy Horse in Paris!!

Thank you to for making my booking very easy and making me feel very welcome.

Tres Bein et Merci beucoup --
Troy S

JoPublished over a year ago
Had a fab time in Paris, Crazy Horse is a must see - even for girls! My man thoroughly enjoyed it. Get there early otherwise you might not get a seat! Also be careful with the vodka or shall I say pint of vodka with a dash of coke! Great night - do it!
Martín S.Published over a year ago

It was a very pleasant experience with you. The service in De Vez restaurant and the show in Crazy Horse were very nice. All people was very nice and polite. Congratulations, when I back to Paris, be sure I will book my hotel and shows with your company.

Martin Sanchez

GREGORY T.Published over a year ago
We had a wonderful stay in Paris - it really is a magnificent city. The cruise on the Seine we organised through CometoParis was perfect, and the show at Le Crazy Horse was even better than we had expected - it was both very artistic and sexy. Even my wife enjoyed it!
Sarah M.Published over a year ago
The Crazy Horse show was very enjoyable. It was good to see somehting a little different. The show was well put together and we would recommend it to your guests.
James B.Published over a year ago
Just a quick word to say how pleased was with my booking for the Crazy Horse and Fouguets. The Crazy Horse was slick and sexy and Fouguets is a lovely restaurant in a splendid location. We walked out of the restaurant having had a memorable evening and strolled back to our hotel down the Champs Elysee, how cool is that.. My wife and i had a great Saturday night out and the arrangements and service were spot on. We will definitely book with you again, thank you. James and Eileen
Douglas M.Published over a year ago
Thank you for helping me obtain tickets to the Crazy Horse.
Holger H.Published over a year ago
All booking activities worked well and we had a great night in the crazy horse.
WillPublished over a year ago
Excellent Show and the service of Come to Paris is close to perfection!
Jo-Anne H.Published over a year ago
Overall our stay in Paris was wonderful. Our anniversary night at the Crazy Horse show was very enjoyable although the price of the tickets was astronomical. Your could see two shows in London compared to this show. Apparently this was the last night before the theatre was refurbished, the theatre was very small and cosy but it probably would have been better being a little less cramped. The drinks waiters worked really hard and all the staff seamed very helpful. The show was OK and the girls looked great, but would not go again. If you do go look for the double toilet in the female toilets - very liberated.
Elena N.Published over a year ago
I used this company for buying on line, well in advance tickets for tours and cabaret shows. I paid by credit card, printed the receipts and had no problem to follow my busy program when in Paris. All went very well, no complains.Suggest to do the same to have a vacation free of stress!
Andrei F.Published over a year ago

I enjoyed Crazy Horses very much . Its a very esthetic show considering the subject in our days . I was seated in front even if on the side and that gave to the whole thing a plus . I know Paris from the years past and its an extraordinary city .
I will always come back with pleasure , awe and jealousy that you have such an extraordinary place EVERY DAY in your life .
I had outside Paris -in Normandy an unpleasant experience though and wonder if you could advise me on that IF you would care to listen
Best regards Andrei

Antonia M.Published over a year ago
The Crazy Horse was an absolutely fabulous experience! I will most defonitely use Come to for my future visits to Paris..Everything went really smoothly! I loved it. The crazy Horse show is a must see!!!!! The staff were warm and very accomadating!
Atilla M.Published over a year ago
Thank you very much for your high quality service.
Lindsay L.Published over a year ago
We were really impressed with how easy it was to book, and the quality of the restaurant that supplied the inclusive dinner. The timings indicated to arrive at each venue were great as well, as we managed to avoid the long queues that occured later, and were quickly inside drinking our free champagne at Crazy Horse - couldnt be easier - well done and thanks!
Qndrez S.Published over a year ago
Thank you for your reliable service. The reservations at the Crazy Horse worked out perfectly.Bon Soir.
Elliott M.Published over a year ago

I've seen the Crazy Horse Saloon three times over the years and
still think it's the best show in Paris. It's the most intimate and
comfortable theatre. The Lido is just another Las Vegas-type
revue with lousy seating and cheap champagne.

Although the sights were still beautiful along the Seine at night, we
were a bit disappointed with the Bateaux Mouches dinner cruise.
They should enforce a dress code. Too many people came very
poorly and sloppily dressed, which took away from everything. Also,
because we returned for a late couple, the cruise seemed disjointed
and we felt too rushed with dinner. I might try the cheaper Parisienes
cruise again instead next time.

Robert V.Published over a year ago
we have enjoy our trip in paris and in the crazy horse
Dominique J.Published over a year ago
It was a very pleasant evening , the dinner was excellent and the show simply wonderfull.
DEREK M.Published over a year ago
We loved Crazy Horse. Derek M
Jon H.Published over a year ago

Thanks, everything came out super, exactly as planned. We had a wonderful time.

Emm M.Published over a year ago

Dear All,
I tried to reply to your email survey but my laptop wasnt happy with it..and I really did want to comment on our trip.
We travel alot and are fortunate enough to have been exposed to the highest of standards for the people we work for.
I was under the impression that this trip to Paris would be great but also a little 'touristy '..anyway I booked a hotel which I had read a review of in a travel magazine (Mama Shelter.. great...for us, but you need to know your clientelle before booking...but ....excellent !!!!)
Anyway...I just have to tell you that your company is fab !!!!...not only was our table still there(Chez Francis) ..we arrived late..but we had the Eiffel Tower right behind us...Friendly (sorry but the french have a bad name !!) and excellent service for a 'booked ticket'
,the food was fantastic and the club was just as promised ..5 minutes away.
The show...and service and EVERYTHING..were superlative...I really can not find any fault...we paid for nothing...we wanted nothing and we had a most amazing night ..absolutley brilliantly organised is a credit to your company and we will definatley be back to take on another show...
great job...many thanks
Emm M.

Jude B.Published over a year ago
Expensive, but worth every penny. The dancers were beautiful, talented and very tasteful. A classy cabaret in a beautiful city.
Alexander K.Published over a year ago

Bonjour! Thanks for a prompt answer! Yes, we really did enjoy the show and the restaurant, was very nice - spectacular and a great atmosphere. Meals fantastic, as always in Paris! We already visited Lido twice, Moulin Rouge, Crazy Horse is also a "tick". Only Paradis Latin is left for the next time! Thanks a lot for your help and support!
Till the next time and Vivé la France! Alex

April P.Published over a year ago
Great show. Enjoyed the artistry and
Angela M.Published over a year ago
Great Show--Full of excitement!
Angela M.Published over a year ago
Wonderful Experience
We had the pleasure of booking a show prior to our arrival in Paris. The show was great and the service was fantastic! We had questions when we arrived and customer service was extremely helpful. I would recommend Come to Paris, as we will definitely use it again upon our return to Paris!
William T.Published over a year ago
Great Company. Fixed Everything Perfectly. Had a great time in Paris because of this company. Have recommended to everyone I know and would gladly use again. I only had one problem with them and one of my bookings was cancelled, but after getting back home a full refund was given back, so a very reliable if something does go wrong
Robert M.Published over a year ago
enjoyed every part of our evening in Paris
enjoyed every part of our evening in Paris. Come to Paris website was easy to use and delivered as promised.
Mikal P.Published over a year ago
Crazy Horse
Fantistic seats, fantastic show!!!
Diana M.Published over a year ago
Good show and great dancers!
Anastasia P.Published over a year ago
Amazing work! Breathtaking choreography, work of the light ingeneurs, the girls are super synchronized and very beautiful. Professionally made fiest for the eyes.
AnastasiaPublished over a year ago
The prices are exactly the same as in Paris, so no comission!
Very good service, easy and quick one gets what one needs.
Dirk Van Den B.Published over a year ago
beautiful girls and a good show ;-)
Arèf Antoine Tahhan Published over a year ago
Good show, small crowd makes it a different experience from other cabarets
Arèf Antoine T.Published over a year ago
very good service
Nothibg went wrong, The crazy horse ? show in Paris is good.
Alp T.Published over a year ago
Fast responses to my mails and no hustle during the whole period
Ankit S.Published over a year ago
Perfect solution for tourists
When tourists go to Paris, one of the many things they look to tick off in their list is a popular cabaret show at Crazy Horse/Lido/ or Moulin Rouge. I picked Crazy horse for many reasons and I can not thank ComeToParis dot com enough for the wonderful experience. 1. I got the tickets cheaper than market rates. 2. CTP responded to 'all' my silly touristy nagging queries. Even on a Sunday. This impressed me the most 3. Lastly I got excellent seats at the show. It could be good fortune, but I'm inclined to think its because of CTP. It was a wonderful wonderful show and CTP made it even better for me.
SilvPublished over a year ago
legitimate website
purchased tix for crazy horse. fast, easy, simple service. received my tix voucher via email.
G.L.Published over a year ago
everything works, nice show
fantastic show at crazy horse. everything works
??????? Alexei ???????? D.Published over a year ago
Excellent service
Excellent service
Deborah Gedal-BeerPublished over a year ago
reliable service, however may need reminder
I used the site to order tickets to the Crazy Horse show in Paris. The price was very good, cheaper than the advertised price and the on line process simple. I recieved an email saying that I would soon receive a voucher via email. After a day went by and I still hadn't received it, I called the phone number from the site and was assured that it would be sent right out. Indeed it was and we enjoyed the show including very good seats.
Delia P.Published over a year ago
It was really easy to buy from the website. After I bought my tickets I got an answer right away. It was really nice to know that someone or something was following my purchase and was responding. The day after I received an email with my tickets to print. Tht easy!I was not preocupied at all at any momento.
Debbie C.Published over a year ago
we had fun and it made our weekend something to remember.
We had fun and the crazy horse show made our weekend.
Igor Z.Published over a year ago
Best show in Paris.
It was our best evening in Paris.
TWadePublished over a year ago
Excellent - Thank you!
Victoria M.Published over a year ago
Wonderful best seats in the house!
Used to book tickets for Crazy Horse. Best seats the house, highly recommend.
?????? ????? Viktor B.Published over a year ago
Very good and cool and best!!!
Michael H.Published over a year ago
Crazy Horse was very good value, we had been to Moulin Rouge last year and this show was different but still great. Clever gymnastic display.
Ron i.Published over a year ago
Simple,easy to navigate site
Chris H.Published over a year ago
Great fun and entertainment
Norihito D.Published over a year ago
Thank you so much for your quick response.
I am grateful that you managed to reserve tickets for Crazy Horse show on such short notice. The staff members in Crazy Horse are very nice to us. We had a good time in this evening.
Emilie T.Published over a year ago
My boyfriend was over the moon
I booked a cabaret for my boyfriend's birthday. He just adored it, thank you so much for the advice, and the organization!
Emile D.Published over a year ago
What a good time!
I booked 2 tickets for the Crazy Horse through the Come To Paris website. The crew was very helpful and efficient. I truly recommand Come To Paris.
JEMPublished over a year ago
I called to get some clarification and advice before placing my order to buy tickets as a gift. When i placed my order the voucher and receipt was returned very quickly and to my satisfaction. Most of all mt friends all enjoyed their visit to Crazy Horse.
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