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Built in the thirteenth century by Blanche de Castille, regent of France, to subdue the revolt of the dukes of Brittany and to repel the English invaders, the castle of Angers is distinguished from other French castles by its powerful fortifications. In fact, when it was built the castle was without equal in the world, except perhaps Crusader castles in the Holy Land built around the same time. Let yourself be carried back in time by the mass of stones and the castle's imposing towers that seem to have been decapitated at their summit. Behind this austere wall, once crossed by the drawbridge, lies the pleasant residence of the Dukes of Anjou, where you can enjoy the superb medieval garden with medicinal and dye plants and, of course, the castle's main attraction: Apocalypse, the largest hanging tapestry in the world which is more than 100 metres long.
Château d'Angers Opening Times
High season
(from May to September)

Open every day from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm

Low Season
(from September to April)

Open every day from 10 am to 5.30 pm

Attention: Last access is 45 mins before closing time. The rooms and the shop close 15 mins before this point.
Closures: 1 January, 1 May, 1 and 11 November and 25 December.

Free entrances :

  • Those less than 18 years of age (in family and excluding school groups)
  • 18-25 year olds (European Union residents and long-term non-European French residents)
  • People with disabilities and the person assisting them.
  • Unemployed persons, upon presentation of a certificate of less than 6 months
  • For all , the first Sunday of each month, from November 1st to March 31st


2 Promenade du Bout du Monde
49100 Angers

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