Cheese and Wine Tasting in a Marais Cellar Cheese and Wine Tasting in a Marais Cellar

Cheese and Wine Tasting in a Marais Cellar Discover the art of cheese-making in English


Introduction to Cheese and Wine: Get your tickets

Cheese Tasting : Introduction to cheese and wine in English

Introduction to cheese and wine tasting
Come and discover cheese and wine in an authentic and professional setting! Enjoy the tasting and pairing of exceptional cheeses with wonderful wines, in the 17th-century cheese cellar of the Marais shop!

-An experienced English-speaking cheesemonger to guide you throughout the tasting
-Tasting of 7 carefully selected aged cheeses
-Tasting of 3 wines perfectly matched with the cheeses
-Visit to the cheese cellar, discover the secrets of aging
-Tasting in a 17th-century tasting room, steeped in history
-Total duration of the experience: 1.5 hours


What to expect

Discover the art of unforgettable tasting experience in the heart of the picturesque Marais district in Paris. This exceptional cheese and wine tasting offers you the opportunity to explore the authenticity and finesse of these gastronomic delights in a unique setting.

The tasting is led by an English-speaking cheesemonger, a true enthusiast and expert in the art of selecting the finest cheeses. In a 17th-century cellar, you will be welcomed by the enchanting aroma of aged cheeses mingling with the subtle scents of old oak barrels.

The tasting itself is a multisensory experience, a captivating journey through the most renowned cheese regions of France and beyond. You will have the opportunity to discover seven carefully selected aged cheeses, each with its own unique flavors, textures, and stories. The passionate cheesemonger will guide you through the tasting steps, revealing the secrets to fully appreciate each piece of cheese.

To accompany these cheese treasures, you will taste three carefully selected wines, perfectly paired with the different cheeses. The cheesemonger will explain the subtleties of cheese and wine pairings, highlighting the contrasts and complementarities that will delight your taste buds.

The setting of this tasting adds an extra touch to this unique experience. Located in the historic center of Paris, our winery is nestled among cobbled streets and period buildings, creating a charming and authentic atmosphere. The district is renowned for its architectural heritage, which makes it the ideal place to combine a gastronomic experience with the discovery of the Parisian soul.

Before the tasting, you will also have the opportunity to visit the cheese cellar, where you can learn more about the aging and selection processes of cheeses. You will be immersed in the history of cheese making, from ancient traditions to modern techniques, all in a professional and authentic environment.

Don't miss this opportunity to experience exceptional cheese and wine tasting in a unique and authentic setting. Book this experience in the heart of Le Marais in Paris and let your senses be enchanted by the flavors, aromas, and stories that lie behind each bite of cheese. A culinary experience that will leave a lasting memory.


Every day: 11:00 am


41 Rue du Faubourg du Temple
75010 Paris
Public transportation
11Goncourt Hôpital Saint-Louis
75Jules Ferry

Common questions

What is the provider of this cheese tasting in Paris?

The provider of this tasting is Paroles de Fromagers.

Where is the location of the tasting?

The Fromagerie and École du Fromage of Paroles de Fromagers is located at 41 Rue du Faubourg du Temple, in the 10th arrondissement of Paris.

Is it possible to purchase a gift voucher for this tasting?

Yes, we offer gift vouchers valid for 1 year for this tasting. It's an excellent idea to treat a cheese and wine lover in your life.

How can I purchase a gift voucher for the tasting?

To purchase a gift voucher, you can visit the "Offer a gift valid for 1 year" tab (blue banner at the top of this page). You will find all the necessary information to make your purchase online.

What is the validity period of the gift vouchers?

The gift vouchers for the tasting are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. This allows the recipients to choose the timing that suits them best to enjoy this unique experience.