Guided Tour of the Gobelins Manufacture Guided Tour of the Gobelins Manufacture

Guided Tour of the Gobelins Manufacture

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Behind the Scenes at the Gobelins Workshops

Guided Tour

  • Guided tour of 2 out of the 3 workshops: Gobelins, Beauvais, and/or Savonnerie workshops
  • Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

What to expect

Ranked as one of the old French institutions, the Gobelins workshops have a long history. In order to limit the importation of products used to decorate the royal court, Henri IV decided to develop the French manufacture. Tapestry workshops were set up in buildings rented from the descendants of the famous Gobelin dyers. Bought by Minister Colbert in 1662, these premises became an art house for painters, engravers, cabinetmakers, and goldsmiths. Following the wars of Louis XIV, they closed their doors for 5 years. However, to this day, the Gobelins continue to weave under the authority of the National Furniture through their three active workshops.

Behind the Workshop Scenes

More than just an institution, the Gobelins workshop contributes to the enhancement and enrichment of France's heritage furniture collections. It preserves the highly technical weaving expertise. During your visit, you will immerse yourself in the world of the finest weavers globally and appreciate the specificity and precision of this craft. The Gobelins stand out from all other workshops with their vertical weaving, known as high warp weaving. To achieve impeccable results, several techniques must be mastered. Admire the delicate manipulation of the bobbin, the tracing paper, and the comb, and then be amazed by the perfect mastery of knots. Don't forget the meticulous positioning of the mirror and the warp preparation; stay attentive to not miss any of the manufacturing steps during your escapade.

Practical Information

The workshop is a place of work where the need for quiet and concentration is essential. Out of respect for the right to privacy, it is strictly forbidden to take photos of the workshops and art technicians. The route includes numerous stairs and cobblestone courtyards; avoid high-heeled shoes. During your guided tour, you will visit 2 out of the 3 workshops: Gobelins, Beauvais, and/or Savonnerie workshops. To best respect the weavers' work, no delays will be tolerated. Suitcases are neither accepted nor kept due to the Vigipirate security plan. During temporary exhibitions, this visit grants you free access to the current exhibition.


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Carmen D.
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Très intéressant.


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