The Magical Music of Harry Potter - Live in Concert The Magical Music of Harry Potter - Live in Concert

The Magical Music of Harry Potter - Live in Concert An Enchanting Show at Salle Pleyel on February 8, 2025

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The Enchanting Sounds of Harry Potter at Salle Pleyel: Secure Your Tickets

Experience the Wondrous World of Harry Potter Live in Concert

Experience the Wondrous World of Harry Potter Live in Concert

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At the Salle Pleyel in Paris on Saturday, February 8, 2025, at 4:00 PM

From €59.90

What to expect

On Saturday, February 8, 2025, get ready for an unforgettable evening with "The Magical Music of Harry Potter - Live in Concert" at Salle Pleyel. Discover or rediscover the magic of Harry Potter through an extraordinary musical and cinematic experience, driven by the enchanting melodies from one of the most iconic film series of our time.

A Cinematic Phenomenon in Symphony

The globally acclaimed Harry Potter films have captivated generations and left a mark in the history of cinema with their captivating storyline and unforgettable characters. The music, a fundamental element of storytelling, was composed by industry legends. For the first time, the French audience will have the opportunity to experience these masterful compositions performed live by a symphony orchestra while reliving iconic film scenes projected in the background.

The Score of a Magical Adventure

"The Magical Music of Harry Potter - Live in Concert" is a celebration of camaraderie, courage, love, and adventure, key elements of the Harry Potter universe. Audiences will be transported to J.K. Rowling's enchanting world, recreated with stunning visual effects and immersive acoustics that guarantee unexpected thrills. Each note played will revive memories of epic battles, moments of tenderness, and a grand finale.

Meeting the Stars of Film Music

This unique concert will bring together iconic pieces by John Williams, Patrick Doyle, Nicholas Hooper, and Alexandre Desplat. You will relive the innocent beginnings of "The Sorcerer's Stone," feel the excitement of the "Triwizard Tournament," and be overwhelmed by the emotion of the poignant melodies from the "Deathly Hallows." It's a rare opportunity to experience the work of these maestros who contributed to shaping the sonic identity of the Harry Potter saga.

A Show for All Ages

This concert is designed to unite fans, regardless of their age or when they joined the Harry Potter adventure. Younger audiences will discover the importance of music in cinematic storytelling, while adults will immerse themselves in the universe that shaped their childhood or adolescence. It's the perfect opportunity to share a magical moment with family or friends.

Magic Comes to Life at Salle Pleyel

Join us in the prestigious venue of Salle Pleyel, where every corner will resonate with the magical chords of this musical event. Numbered seats will provide you with an optimal view of the solo performances, the orchestra, and the film excerpts that will make you relive this fantastic journey like never before.

A Must-Not-Miss Event

"The Magical Music of Harry Potter - Live in Concert" is not just a concert but an invitation to cross the boundaries of reality into a world where magic exists. Book your tickets now to secure a place in this unforgettable adventure, a journey where memories will transform into music, and every melody will tell a story. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this enchanted night, a tribute to the extraordinary world of Harry Potter that will continue to live on from generation to generation.


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