In Leonce Rosenberg's Apartment: De Chirico, Ernst, Léger, Picabia... In Leonce Rosenberg's Apartment: De Chirico, Ernst, Léger, Picabia...

In Leonce Rosenberg's Apartment: De Chirico, Ernst, Léger, Picabia... at the Picasso Museum Paris from January 30 to May 19, 2024


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Currently on Display:
The Collection: Selected Works: August 29, 2023, to March 3, 2024
In Léonce Rosenberg's Apartment: January 30 to May 19, 2024


What to expect

"In Leonce Rosenberg's Apartment: De Chirico, Ernst, Léger, Picabia..." invites you to an exceptional journey through the artistic history of the 20th century. From January 30 to May 19, 2024, explore a fascinating exhibition at the heart of the Picasso Museum-Paris, reconstructing the inner world of the famous art dealer and patron, Leonce Rosenberg.

Discover the Artistic Universe of Leonce Rosenberg at the Picasso Museum-Paris

A Unique Artistic Experience

A Living Space Transformed into an Art Gallery

Leonce Rosenberg created a unique living space at 75 Rue Longchamp in Paris in the 1920s. This exhibition recreates the ambiance of this apartment, bringing together exceptional works of art and a blend of antique and modern furniture. It is a rare opportunity to see how art and decoration can merge to create an inspiring environment.

The Avant-Garde Art Highlighted

This exhibition highlights Rosenberg's avant-garde vision, which played a key role in promoting cubism and abstract painting. Artists such as Picasso, Braque, Léger, and Picabia, among others, are represented, providing insight into the artistic evolution of the time.

Set Design Evoking the Past

Each exhibition room is dedicated to a different artist, recreating the atmosphere of Rosenberg's eleven-room apartment. From paintings to sculptures, and furniture, each element contributes to the immersion in this artistic universe.

Rare and Exceptional Artworks

Discover rare series like Giorgio de Chirico's "Gladiators" cycle and Francis Picabia's "Transparencies." These works, combined with other creations by renowned artists, offer a window into the creative spirit of the time, playing between tradition and modernity.

A Journey into Art History

This exhibition is not just a collection of artworks; it is an exploration of the history and influence of a man on the artistic world of his time. Come and discover how Leonce Rosenberg shaped modern art and let yourself be transported to a time of artistic revolution.

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