Charlot Charlot


This product is no more available on our website.


This product is no more available on our website.

What to expect

At the heart of a lively neighborhood stands this majestic palace of Art Déco with its ceramics, vintage furniture, walls of engraved glass und sea frescoes. You will taste the finest fish of Paris which you can enjoy roasted, fried, steamed, poached, cooked as a typical Marseillan bouillabaisse or served with oysters and seafood.

His palace stands high amidst a neighbourhood that is perhaps rough-and-ready, but full of spirit. It is flamboyant and Art Déco in all its splendour.

The furniture, surrounded by engraved glass partitions and marine frescoes, dates back to 1925. Charlot cooks and serves an authentic bouillabaisse, oysters, mouth-watering seafood platters... We strongly recommend you to have dinner at Chez Charlot, before going to the show at the moulin rouge.

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