Moulin Rouge at the Best Price Moulin Rouge at the Best Price

Moulin Rouge at the Best Price

Looking to experience the Moulin Rouge show without breaking the bank? You've probably searched through countless websites in search of the best rates for the famous cabaret in Montmartre. Look no further, as we'll explain everything you need to know to witness the most stunning French Cancan in the world at the guaranteed best price.

By following the rules outlined below, you can rest assured that you'll be able to book the Moulin Rouge at the most advantageous rate!

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1Book the Moulin Rouge in advance, it’s cheaper

The Moulin Rouge Prices are not fixed. They can change from one minute to the next for the same seating category and for the same date. So, don’t be surprised if the prices you have seen the day before are not the same as the prices today. The Moulin Rouge applies so-called ‘yielded tariffs.’ Just like booking flights, they increase or lower the price according to the demand on any given date. According to our expertise, the prices can decrease if you wait a bit, but this is very rare. The Moulin Rouge has an occupancy rate of over 90% every evening, so it is more likely that by waiting, the prices will increase rather than decreasing. And what’s more, you risk missing out on your date of choice because the cabaret sells out quickly on weekends! This is also why promotions and discount prices are very rare at the Moulin Rouge

2Book the Moulin Rouge during the week, it’s cheaper

This is a rule that follows from the first one. Like many show venues in Paris, Moulin Rouge is more crowded on Fridays and Saturdays than on weekdays. Yes, people from Île-de-France and Parisians tend to go out more on weekends, and that's normal.

3Book the show on its own

The Moulin Rouge offers options with dinner before the show. Mistinguett, Toulouse Lautrec or Belle Epoque, the prices increase according to the quality of the dishes and drinks proposed. If the quality of the food is flawless, this will evidently make the price of the show inflate. So, dine at home or in a restaurant and only book the show with champagne or any other drinks of your choice.
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4Book the second performance at the Moulin Rouge, it is even cheaper

For most of the year, Moulin Rouge offers two performances of its famous revue. The first show starts at 9 PM and can be followed by dinner at 7 PM. The second show starts around 11 PM: fewer tourists are expected as they often have a busy schedule the next day and cannot stay up so late, and fewer locals as they have to go to work or take care of their children early in the morning. Another advantage? Those who choose the dinner package are automatically seated ahead of those who only attend the 9 PM show. This is not the case at 11 PM, and if you plan ahead, you can get the best seats at Moulin Rouge for the lowest price! However, please note that in winter, attendance decreases, and Moulin Rouge only offers one show at 9 PM.

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The conclusion? Book Moulin Rouge in advance, on weekdays for the 11 PM show, and you will be guaranteed to get the best price to witness the most beautiful cabaret show in the world.

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