Fantasma Circus Erotica Paris Fantasma Circus Erotica Paris

Fantasma Circus Erotica Paris at Folies Bergère from July 18 to August 17, 2024


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FANTASMA Circus Erotica

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At Folies Bergère from July 18th to August 17th, 2024

From €19

What to expect

The Fantasma Circus Erotica is an erotic cabaret show, subversive and extravagant, offering a unique and captivating experience. Created and directed by the duo Savary & Zaffuto, this show is a celebration of freedom and unrestricted artistic expression, aimed at an adult audience.

The spectacle unfolds in an intimate and bewitching environment, where the boundaries between genders are blurred and reinvented. Spectators are transported into a world where the most unspoken fantasies come to life through a blend of circus, visual and physical performances, striptease, dance, and burlesque. Each act develops an unusual story, obsession, or adventure, with a polished and powerful aesthetic that captivates the audience.

The creators, Manon Savary and Marc Zaffuto, are known for their work spanning the realms of fashion, music, and contemporary art. Their aesthetic is sophisticated and striking, and they regularly collaborate with renowned fashion houses and multidisciplinary artists.

The show is led by Allanah Starr, a sultry, joyful, and outrageously funny mistress of ceremonies. Born in Cuba and an icon of adult films, Allanah Starr is also a leading figure in transgender liberation and a muse for fashion luminaries, photographers, and nightlife icons.

Among the artists, personalities like François Sagat, an icon of gay culture and the absolute fantasy of an entire generation, as well as Jake DuPree, a non-binary artist who deconstructs gender norms with muscular and high-flying performances, can be found. Other artists such as David Pereira, Julian Ardley, Mimi, Piche, and Jean-Biche each bring their unique touch to the spectacle, blending humor, sensuality, and masterful technique.

Fantasma Circus Erotica shows take place in iconic venues like Folies Bergère in Paris, offering an immersive and unforgettable experience. The show is an anthem to freedom of expression and exploration of uncharted desires, making each performance an unmissable event for enthusiasts of erotic art and daring performances.

Cast: Allanah Starr, David Pereira, Esther, François Sagat, Jake DuPree, Jean-Biche, Julian Ardley, Julie Demont, Laure Petrie, Mimi, Piche, Sema-Tawi, Stessy
Creators: A creation by SAVARY & ZAFFUTO
Choreographic Creation: MIMI
Costume Creation: Angèle MICAUX
Lighting Creation: Pascal NOËL
Video Creation: Clément DEZELUS
Photo Credits: @Clément Dezelus ©Maxwell Aurelien James and ©Florian Cléret
Production: La Neuvième Production


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32 Rue Richer
75009 Paris
Parking lot
Montholon, 3 Rue Mayran - 75009 Paris
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Common questions

What is Fantasma Circus Erotica?

Fantasma Circus Erotica is a unique erotic cabaret that combines circus acts, visual performances, striptease, dance, and burlesque. Created by Savary & Zaffuto, this show celebrates freedom and diversity by reinventing genre conventions.

Where does Fantasma Circus Erotica take place?

The show is held at the Folies Bergère, an iconic venue in Paris renowned for its cabaret shows and rich entertainment history.

How can I get to Folies Bergère?

Folies Bergère is easily accessible by public transportation in Paris, including the metro (Grands Boulevards or Cadet stations) and buses. You can also use a taxi or a ridesharing service.

What time does the show start?

The show typically starts at 8:00 PM, but it's recommended to arrive a bit earlier to fully enjoy the experience. The Fantasma Bar opens at 7:00 PM.

What are the ticket prices for Fantasma Circus Erotica?

Ticket prices vary depending on the seating category and the day of the show. On weekdays, Fantasma Circus Erotica starts from €19 (up to €99 for Gold Square), and on weekends, it starts from €20 (up to €109 for Gold Square).

Is there a minimum age requirement to attend the show?

Yes, the minimum age required to attend Fantasma Circus Erotica is 16 years due to the erotic and subversive nature of the performance.

How long does the show last?

The show lasts approximately 120 minutes, including an intermission. This duration allows audiences to fully enjoy all the acts and performances.

Can drinks and food be purchased on-site?

Yes, audience members can purchase drinks at the Fantasma Bar, which opens at 7:00 PM. However, food is generally not provided during the show.

Is the show accessible to people with reduced mobility?

Folies Bergère is equipped to accommodate people with reduced mobility. It's recommended to contact the venue in advance to make necessary arrangements.

How can I purchase tickets for Fantasma Circus Erotica?

Tickets can be purchased online through the Come to Paris website.

Is the show different for each performance?

While the core of the show remains the same, minor variations may occur from one performance to another, making each evening unique.

Can photos or videos be taken during the show?

Taking photos and videos is prohibited during the show to respect the experience of both the artists and the audience.

Who are the artists involved in Fantasma Circus Erotica?

The show features talented artists such as Allanah Starr, François Sagat, Jake DuPree, and others, under the creative direction of Savary & Zaffuto.