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Trianon Versailles Visit of the Petit & Grand Trianon and the Queen's Hamlet

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Trianon Versailles: Purchase Your Tickets

Tip: If you want to explore the entire Versailles estate, choose the Passport ticket, which includes access to the Palace, the Trianon Estate, and all the gardens.

Trianon Estate Ticket

This ticket includes:

Exploration of the Trianon Estate: Discover these historical gems at your own pace.
Access to Temporary Exhibitions: Be enchanted by our ongoing exhibitions.
Visit to the Gallery of Carriages (on weekends): Immerse yourself in royal history.
Stroll in the Park: Enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings.


Passport Ticket

This comprehensive ticket includes access to:

The Palace with a timed reservation: Explore the iconic Palace of Versailles at your own pace.
The Trianon Estate: Visit the Grand Trianon, the Petit Trianon, the Queen's Hamlet, and their picturesque gardens.
Temporary Exhibitions: Discover captivating cultural exhibitions.
The Gallery of Carriages (on weekends): Immerse yourself in royal history.
The Gardens: From April 1st, enjoy a single entry during the Musical Gardens or the Musical Fountains Show.
The Park: Explore the majestic expanse of the Versailles Park.

Access Hours:

  • Gardens: From 8 am for a full day of exploration.
  • Trianon Estate: From 12 pm, for an afternoon visit.
  • Gallery of Carriages (on weekends): From 12:30 pm.

What to expect

Welcome to the Trianon Estate in Paris: An Oasis of History and Beauty

Located near the majestic Palace of Versailles, the Trianon Estate is a must-visit for anyone eager to explore the royal history of France and lose themselves in breathtaking gardens. This estate, named after the pre-existing village, was the personal jewel of Louis XIV, and its charm captivated successive sovereigns, including the famous Queen Marie-Antoinette.

The Magical History of the Trianon Estate

The Trianon Estate has a history dating back to the reign of Louis XIV, the Sun King himself. He created this estate by first arranging a small palace, known as the Porcelain Trianon, at the northern end of the Grand Canal. This palace was quickly replaced by the sumptuous Marble Trianon, which is now one of the highlights of the estate. The designation "Trianon" was preserved in reference to the former village at this location.

Over the years, the Trianon Estate evolved under the influence of Louis XV and Queen Marie-Antoinette. The queen, in particular, had a deep attachment to this place, seeking refuge in the Petit Trianon built for her at the end of Louis XV's reign. She created a picturesque garden adorned with structures and soon enhanced with a charming hamlet.

Explore Architectural Treasures

The Trianon Estate houses a collection of remarkable buildings nestled amidst gardens of unparalleled variety and beauty. The Grand Trianon, built under the supervision of architect Jules Hardouin-Mansart in 1686, is a unique masterpiece. It was once nicknamed the "palace of Flora" in honor of its magnificent flower gardens, a tradition that endures.

The Petit Trianon, designed by Ange-Jacques Gabriel and completed in 1768, is an exceptional example of neoclassical architecture. It was commissioned by Louis XV to harmoniously blend into the botanical gardens he had patiently developed.

One of the gems of the Trianon Estate is the Queen's Hamlet, designed by the queen's architect, Richard Mique, between 1783 and 1786. It reflects the enthusiasm of the time for rural life and features carefully arranged pleasure houses and agricultural buildings, providing an immersive experience of countryside living.

A Theatre Inherited from History

The theatre of the Trianon Estate, inaugurated in 1780, is one of the few theaters in the world to have preserved much of its original machinery. It was an entertainment venue enjoyed by the queen, who sometimes performed herself in front of a limited audience. During your visit, you will have the chance to discover this living witness to the cultural history of the time.

Live an Enriching Experience

At the Trianon Estate, every nook and cranny holds a part of royal history and timeless beauty. You can even enjoy a unique experience by exploring the estate from the air through FPV drone tours. Soar over the Grand and Petit Trianon, follow the English river, and reach the charming Queen's Hamlet for a breathtaking adventure.

During your visit, make sure to pick up a free guide pamphlet available on-site. It will guide you through each jewel of the Trianon Estate, ensuring you don't miss any of this immersive experience.

Discover the Beautiful Waters of Trianon

The Beautiful Waters of Trianon are an event not to be missed, taking place every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday from 12 pm to 4 pm. You will have the opportunity to explore the gardens of the Grand and Petit Trianon in all their splendor, with their newly restored basins, including the famous Water Buffet.

In conclusion, the Trianon Estate in Paris is much more than a mere historic site. It is a gateway to the royal history of France, a testament to Louis XIV's passion for architecture and gardens, a tribute to the timeless beauty of Queen Marie-Antoinette, and a place of continuous discovery for history and culture enthusiasts. Book your tickets today for this unforgettable experience at the Trianon Estate and discover for yourself this hidden treasure of French history.

Whether you are a history enthusiast, a lover of French gardens, or simply seeking beauty, the Trianon Estate in Paris is a must-visit. Reserve your tickets now for an unforgettable experience.

Different Tickets to Visit Trianon Versailles

When planning your visit to the Palace of Versailles and the Trianon Estate, you have two main ticket options: the Trianon Estate ticket and the Passport ticket.

The Trianon Estate ticket gives you exclusive access to the Trianon Estate from 12 pm, including the Grand Trianon, the Petit Trianon, the Queen's Hamlet, and their gardens. It's an excellent choice if you want to focus on this specific part of the Versailles estate.

On the other hand, the Passport ticket is ideal if you wish to explore the entire Versailles estate. In addition to access to the Trianon Estate, this ticket allows you to visit the Palace of Versailles with a timed reservation, discover temporary exhibitions, explore the Carriage Gallery on weekends, stroll through the gardens (except during the Musical Fountains Show and Musical Gardens from April 1st), and wander in the Park.

One major advantage of the Passport ticket is the flexibility of your entry times to the Palace, allowing you to optimize your visit. However, please note that tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable, so be sure to choose the one that best suits your interests and the duration of your visit. Whether you want to focus on the Trianon Estate or explore the entire Versailles estate, both options offer unforgettable experiences steeped in history and beauty.


Trianon Versailles: Purchase Your Tickets

Trianon Estate Ticket
Available every day except on Monday
Schedule: 12:00 pm
Passport Ticket
Available every day except on Monday
Schedule: 9:30 am, 11:30 am, 1:30 pm, 3:30 pm

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Common questions

What are the opening hours of Domaine du Trianon?**

Domaine du Trianon is open every day except Mondays. The opening hours are typically from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

What are the entrance fees for Domaine du Trianon?

The fees vary depending on the options, but generally, a standard entry ticket costs around 12 euros.

Can you visit Domaine du Trianon with a ticket for the Palace of Versailles?

No, Domaine du Trianon requires a separate entry ticket. You can choose between a ticket to visit only Domaine du Trianon or the "Passport" ticket for the Palace of Versailles, which allows access to the Palace, its gardens, and the Trianon domain.

Which buildings are included in Domaine du Trianon?

Domaine du Trianon includes the Grand Trianon, the Petit Trianon, the Queen's Hamlet, and their gardens.

At what time do the gardens of Domaine du Trianon open?

The gardens of Domaine du Trianon generally open at 12:00 PM.

Can you visit the Carriage Gallery every day?

The Carriage Gallery is usually open on weekends.

Can you buy tickets on-site at Domaine du Trianon?

Yes, it is possible to purchase tickets on-site, but it is recommended to reserve them in advance to avoid waiting in lines.

What is the best time to visit Domaine du Trianon?

Spring and summer are popular periods due to the blooming gardens, but Domaine du Trianon is charming throughout the year.

Can you bring food and drinks to the site?

Picnicking in the gardens is generally allowed, but make sure to follow the rules and avoid leaving any waste.

Are pets allowed at Domaine du Trianon?

Pets are generally not allowed, except for assistance dogs.

Are guided tours available at Domaine du Trianon?

Yes, guided tours are offered, usually in French and English. It is recommended to book in advance.

Is Domaine du Trianon accessible for people with reduced mobility?

Yes, facilities are provided for visitors with reduced mobility, but it is advisable to contact the domain in advance to organize your visit.

Can you take photos at Domaine du Trianon?

Yes, taking photos is generally allowed unless otherwise indicated. However, be sure to follow rules regarding the use of flash inside buildings.

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