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Disneyland Paris Valentine's Day 2025

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With unforgettable moments, dazzling parades and amazing attractions around every corner, there's so much to see and do at Disneyland® Paris. Enjoy the Disney experience during 1 day.
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Disney's Enchanted Christmas


A Very Merry ChrisMouse !

Mickey is shaking up Christmas tradition for his World's Biggest Mouse Party, and you can unwrap his unexpected festive fun from as early as 10th Nov.

What to expect

Spend a romantic day at Disneyland, surrounded by your favorite heroes.

Valentine's Day is approaching, and you haven't found the perfect gift yet to impress your beloved one? Why not opt for a visit to Mickey's country?

While Disneyland is a favorite destination for families, it's also a great choice for couples. Delight your significant other and treat yourselves to a magical day strolling through this famous Parisian theme park. An unforgettable memory awaits you and your sweetheart. And if the occasion is right, you can seal your love by proposing during this enchanting setting on Valentine's Day.

Experience love, feel the magic, and let your imagination roam through the activities offered by Disneyland Paris. Depending on your preferences, you can embark on a wild adventure with Ratatouille in Rémi's square or relax together at the Celestia Spa. To continue your visit, a romantic stroll accompanied by music is on the program. You'll go around the world in a few minutes with 'it's a small world' or rock'n'roll with Aerosmith. Looking to spend some idyllic moments with your loved one? Don't miss the chance to explore Alice's Curious Labyrinth or the Mad Hatter's Tea Cup. These attractions will create even more beautiful experiences together. Also, make sure not to miss the opportunity to declare your love with some of the best lines from your favorite films and animations during your visit. Likewise, be sure not to miss the mesmerizing nighttime fireworks to rekindle your love's flame. And to top it all off, you can find magnificent souvenirs in the various shops throughout the theme park.

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