The Grand Perfume Museum The Grand Perfume Museum

The Grand Perfume Museum

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This product is no more available on our website.
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What to expect

Discover the Grand Musée du Parfum, nestled in a private mansion in one of Paris' most exclusive neighbourhoods, the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. It pays homage to French parfumry, with a wonderful exhibition that is both instructive and playful. For example, you will be able to discover the first fragrances of Ancient Egypt, as well as unsuspected odours from the common rose.
When we visit this museum, it feels as if we were five years old again: we touch, we feel, and we have fun with objects. Visiting the museum is a wonderful experience for all lovers of perfume, but also a great occasion to share with family. Throughout the museum, you will be able to create your olfactory profile with the Smartguide by selecting your favourite fragrances!

Grand Perfume Museum Opening Hours
From Tuesday to Sunday
10:30 am to 7:00 pm
Friday Night Opening
until 10:00 pm

Attention: Last entry 1 hour before closing.

Closing: every Monday except public holidays and during school holidays in Zone C.

Reduced Rate: €9.50

  • Seniors (60+)
  • Job seekers, social benefit recipients
  • Students
  • Persons with disabilities

These rates are unique and available at the museum ticket office upon presentation of supporting documents.

How to use your tickets?

Before entering, all visitors must undergo a security check. Once this check is complete, join the line for ticket holders, present your mobile ticket, and start your visit.

The Grand Perfume Museum in Three Sequences

Explore Your Ancestors!

In its prestigious setting, just steps away from the Champs-Elysées, the museum presents perfume in its historical (perfume history), sensory (smells and molecules), and professional (the perfumer's profession, better known as "Nez") aspects.

Discover the Kyphi, the first known perfume in history that comes straight from Ancient Egypt. In 1500 B.C., perfume was used to communicate with gods through fumigation, as reminded by the etymology of the word 'perfume,' in Latin per fumare. The composition of Kyphi has been found on Egyptian bas-reliefs in hieroglyphs. Smelling it allows us to connect with our ancestors from 3500 years ago!

If Egypt is the cradle of ancient perfumery, France is honored as a pioneer of modern perfumery in the 19th century with the city of Grasse and Paris, a symbol of lifestyle and sophistication. Paris holds a special place in the history of perfume, especially with the hosting of the 1900 Universal Exhibition, where it shone with its creative daring and industrial techniques, including synthetic chemistry.

Test Your Sense of Smell

The history of perfume is fascinating, but the Grand Perfume Museum also offers a wonderful playful experience. Explore the scent garden and try to discover the fragrance emanating from large white flowers. There's also something for children who will be happy to share their experiences.

Discover all the subtleties of the rose with 400 molecules, some of which don't smell like rose at all. Smell them one by one and confront their scents, sometimes pleasant and sometimes much less so.

Did you know? Not everyone smells the same thing, and some odors are imperceptible to us while others are strong. At the Grand Perfume Museum, you can test this strange phenomenon and put a name to it: humans are anosmic to certain smells.

Explore the Perfumer's Profession

Being a "Nez" is not for everyone: you must know how to recompose nature to recreate a unique sensory experience. The space dedicated to the perfumer's profession allows you to discover this complex craft. Leading perfumers also answer questions that everyone wonders about: are there perfumes for men and women? Can perfume go bad on the skin? You will see that their answers are often more complex than fashion magazines suggest!

Customer Reviews

5/51 review

Nathalie P.
Published over a year ago
Très satisfaite de ma visite au Musée du Parfum. Très bel espace, ludique et participatif et le +, l'audioguide proposé gratuitement avec l'entrée au Musée.

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