Which cabaret to see in Paris? Best Parisian cabaret? Which cabaret to see in Paris? Best Parisian cabaret?

Which cabaret to see in Paris? Best Parisian cabaret?

The cabarets of Paris are famous worldwide for their Vegas-style glitz and sexy dancers. There are more than ten cabarets in the capital including the famous Crazy Horse, Moulin Rouge, Lido and Paradis Latin. They will entertain you with cancan, captivating choreography and spectacular acrobatics.

Which is the best cabaret in Paris? What is the difference between Moulin Rouge and Lido?

Each one of these mythic places are unique. Among the four main Parisian cabarets, you might find the atmosphere that suits you best:

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Moulin Rouge

The Moulin Rouge is a mythical place enhanced by the eponymous film by Baz Luhrmann. You can not dodge it if you walk in the Montmartre district. The revue drives you towards the Moulin "fairy garden" with rhinestones and sequins. If you want to see the show of this temple of French Cancan, we advise you to book quickly because it is quickly sold out.

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Lido Paris

The Lido is ideally located on the Champs-Elysées avenue, right next to the Arc de Triomphe. Since 2015, you can discover the "Paris Merveilles" revue, which contrast with the traditional cabaret with rhinestones and sequins. This new show is created by Franco Dragone - the man behind the success of the Cirque du Soleil, is composed of twenty modernized attractions that celebrate the French capital. The big stage hosts 70 artists, dancers and acrobats and have you spend an exceptional and magical evening.

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Crazy Horse

The Crazy Horse differs from the previous two because of its scenes exclusively performed by women. The shade and light effects help perceive silhouettes perfectly drawn and provide a beautiful stripping show. The only men allowed on stage are the clowns and other artists. The Crazy Horse regularly features guest stars such as Noémie Lenoir or Dita Von Teese.

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Paradis Latin

The Paradis Latin is the oldest of the Parisian cabarets, located in the Latin Quarter. The show is animated, lively, and just like the Moulin Rouge, French Cancan is honored. Other artists, acrobats, jugglers and even waiters offer you an extravagant performance, in a warm and friendly mood.

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Here are the main differences between these cabarets:

Shows at 9pm or 11pm

Dinner shows at 7pm
Shows at 9pm or 11pm

Dinner shows at 7pm
Sunday to Friday: Shows at 8:15pm or 10:45pm
Saturday: Shows at 7pm, 9:30pm or 11:45pm
Show at 9:30pm

Dinner show at 8pm
Shows from 87€
Dinner from 185€
Shows from 85€
Dinner from 130€
Shows from 87€ Shows from 70€
Dinner from 160€
Every day Every day Every day Every day except Tuesday
1h30 1h30 1h30 1h30
yes yes no yes
French cancan
Glittery rhinestone
Quickly sold out
Glittery rhinestone
Clowns, acrobats, ice skaters
Large stage
Light and sound effects
Guest stars
French cancan
Acrobats and dancers
Warm atmosphere
Montmartre / Pigalle Champs-Elysées / Arc de triomphe Champs-Elysées / George V Quartier Latin / Jussieu
Blanche (M2) Charles de Gaulle Etoile (M1,2,6,A) George V (M1)
Alma Marceau (M9)
Jussieu (M7,10)
Clichy Montmartre Vinci Alma George V Maubert Saint-Germain
from 5 years old from 4 years old from 13 years old. Children from 13 to 18 have to be accompanied. from 4 years old
from 5 to 11 years old from 4 to 12 years old no from 4 to 12 years old
on request yes yes yes
Book for the Moulin Rouge Book for the Lido Book for the Crazy Horse Book the Paradis Latin

For all: - no smoking - dress code: Smart/casual