Seine River Cruise

A cruise on the River Seine is an absolute must for anyone who loves Paris, whether tourist or native of the city. There are many companies who offer offer dinner cruises, lunch cruises and sightseeing cruises for all tastes, budgets and desires. Come to Paris selected only the best water activities in paris.

Best cruises in Paris

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from €49

Dinner Cruise

Come to Paris has selected the best dinner-cruises to offer you stunning views of Paris’s famous monuments illuminated by night.
from €49

Lunch Cruise

With a Lunchtime Cruise, you’re guaranteed an unobstructed view of Paris’ monuments from one of the city’s charming floating restaurants.
from €13

Cruise Tour on the Seine

An hour-long cruise at the time of your choice: the perfect way to soak up the sights of Paris.

Cruises and Cabarets

A Dinner Cruise under the stars followed by a cabaret at the Lido or the Crazy Horse – the ultimate way to spend an evening in Paris!

The French name for the tour boats is ‘péniches’ or ‘bateaux-mouches’. Specially-designed to provide the best possible view of your surroundings, the tour boats feature huge glass panels which allow passengers to admire Paris’s beautiful monuments and architecture. You can expect excellent on-board service and a clear view of the city sights on your cruise along the most famous river in France with Bateaux Mouches or Bateaux Parisiens. Check our reviews about the best cruise on the Seine.

Cruises take place all day every day, the first tour boats setting off early in the morning and the last Dinner Cruises starting late at night. Take a look at our selection of cruises offered by different companies – you’ll definitely understand why France’s capital city grew around this beautiful river. The cruises also feature on our list of the top 10 things to do in Paris!

For groups of more than 11 people, we can help to organise your events and offer the option of private boats. For end-of-year celebrations, we offer special Christmas and New Year cruises. We also offer tickets to the special cruise with fireworks on the 14th July, and the romantic Valentine’s Day cruise on the 14th February.


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Customer Reviews

4.7/523,717 reviews

Lorena D.
May 30th 2024
Spectacular art and view!
Marc S.
May 29th 2024
What a fantastic cruise! Very friendly staff, great service, excellent quality Champagne, wines and dishes. We didn't expect this high level of quality on a tourist boat! Compliments.
Tessa H.
May 29th 2024
To see all those works that changed the course of artistic interpretation forever, in one exhibition was magical. And in such a fabulous building. Wow!

Common questions

What is the famous river in Paris called?

The name of the river in Paris is the Seine.

How many bridges cross the seine river in Paris?

Paris has 37 bridges and footbridges which cross over the Seine river.

How much is the seine river cruise in paris?

The price of a Seine River cruise depends on what you want: a one-hour sightseeing cruise, a dinner cruise or a lunch cruise. The panoramic cruise costs around € 15, the lunch cruise starts at € 40 and the dinner cruise starts at € 50.

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