Пари ан Сен - Новый Год 2021 Пари ан Сен - Новый Год 2021

Пари ан Сен - Новый Год 2021

75 €


Данная услуга еще не вышла в продажу.

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Бато Муш

Компания Бато Муш предлагает незабываемый круиз по Сене с ужином под аккомпанемент живой музыки. После круиза Вас ждет праздничная вечеринка!
начиная от 480 €

Бато Паризьен

Посадка на кораблик около Эйфелевой башни, необычный круиз, ужин, приготовленный прямо на борту, певица и оркестр...потрясающий Новый Год!
начиная от 115 €


Новогодний вечер в клубе Дюплекс в двух шагах от Триумфальной Арки. Вас будут ждать ужин в ресторане Ле Вог и дискотека в клубе.


Компания Пари ан Сен предлагает 4 круиза в новогодний вечер. Музыкальное сопровождение, праздничное меню, круиз длительностью более часа и полбутылки шампанского на двоих! В независимости от Ваших планов Вы обязательно найдете нужный Вам круиз.

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Paris en Scène, Embarquement Ile aux Cygnes

Смета на группу

Вы хотите организовать мероприятие для группы более 10 человек?

Для приватизации, семинара, вечеринки с друзьями и т.д. отправьте нам детальный запрос. Мы пришлем Вам персональный ответ в течение 2 рабочих дней.

Отзывы наших клиентов

Рейтинг : 4,52/5 - 54 oтзывы

Marco B.
War alles bestens organisiert!
9 Января 2020
War alles bestens organisiert!
Norbert P.
Syvester Bootsfahrt
Опубликовано больше года назад

Es war alles gut organisiert. Das Essen stimmte in der Zusammensetzung und war hervorragend zubereitet.
Der DJ hätte ruhig ein paar Einheiten leiser seine Musik abspielen können.

Todo genial muy buen servicio y calidad
Опубликовано больше года назад
Todo genial muy buen servicio y calidad
Altamir José N.
Um ano novo inesquecível
Опубликовано больше года назад
Um ano novo inesquecível, recepção, comida e música sensacionais. Recomendo a todos.
Andrea Carolina RIBERO P.
Muy bueno
Опубликовано больше года назад
Muy bueno, sin embargo me hubiera gustado que hubiera durado 2 horas, es decir que el paseo durará más tiempo.
Robert S.
Опубликовано больше года назад
I decided to bring my wife to Paris for her 30th birthday and we weren't disappointed. Not only was our hotel situated in one of the finest districts of Pairs, but the weather was also fantastic. For part of her birthday, I booked a table on the Bateaux Parisiens for an evening meal. The food was outstanding. We were served and attended to be the excellent Thomas and to cap off a perfect evening, the views were simply stunning. I would recommend ANYONE to reserve a place on this wonderful trip. The whole trip was sublime. Thankyou very much for organising this amazing treat!
Jodi and B.
Опубликовано больше года назад
Our stay in Paris was wonderful and the dinner cruise was more than I had hoped for. You made what I had hoped to be a special night with my husband and absolutely the most romantic night we have had in our 15 months of marriage. Thank you so much for making our trip so memorable. We will recommend your company to anyone we know who might be traveling to Paris. Thank you again,
Scott N.
Опубликовано больше года назад
My business partner and I came across this dinner cruise about a year ago and have enjoyed it 4 times now, bringing friends and relatives each time we come to Paris. It is now a Paris tradition for us, one of which we will enjoy again and again. The food is delicious, the price is the most reasonable (29 euro) and the staff is extreemly professional and hospitable. Dinner en Scene should be better publicized and signs more visable to make it easier to find. Other than that ...See you again soon our new friends!
Jamie Turner Q.
Опубликовано больше года назад

The whole experience was excellent with regard to the boat (beautiful), the food and wine (much better than one would expect from a boat), the friendliness of the staff (in advance and on the night).

There were two things which could have been better - the weather which was not with CometoParis' control and more importantly there was not enough drink included in the package (the champagne was all gone within the first hour). We were able to pay extra for more but the way this worked was painful as at the end of the night they wanted me to go to a different venue in order to pay - This could have ruined the evening for me but in the end I insisted and they brought a card reader to the boat.

It was however the only drawback to the wonderful evening and I would recommend CometoParis in the future. Next time I would make sure that there was more booze booked in advance and the payment should have been made simpler.

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