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Discover the latest marvels on Come to Paris! Our "New Arrivals" section has some captivating surprises in store for you. Immerse yourself in a range of tourist and leisure attractions in Paris, but also in completely new experiences that will enhance your stay. We have expanded our offer to offer you an even wider choice of unique discoveries. Get ready to live enchanting moments and create unforgettable memories in the City of Lights.

from €85.50

At Michou's

Discover the magic of Chez Michou, the famous cabaret in Paris, where the passion for entertainment, music, and dance come together. Book your tickets for an unforgettable evening of entertainment, elegance, and glamour in Montmartre.
from €20

Mamma Mia! The Musical in Paris

The renowned show MAMMA MIA! is returning to Paris, gracing the stage at the Casino de Paris. Dive into the heartwarming and delightful story of Sophie, on a quest to find her father before her wedding. With the iconic hits from ABBA, this unforgettable musical promises moments of pure joy and dance for all attendees.
from €21

FlyView Paris, Virtual Reality Experiences

FlyView Ticketing, virtual reality tours of Paris and its monuments, as well as the most beautiful places in the world.

Trattoria en Seine, Italian Dinner Cruise in Paris

Trattoria en Seine is a new dinner cruise concept offered aboard the Théo barge in Paris. Enjoy an Italian-style musical atmosphere in an intimate setting and a panoramic terrace offering a view of Paris during this 2-hour cruise. The chef offers you an elaborate menu based on Italian specialties, including fresh pasta, antipasti and charcuterie. An original experience for an evening with friends, a family outing or a romantic getaway.

Wine and cheese lunch in English

Come and enjoy a wine and cheese lunch! This English dining experience is one of a kind and it combines fine wines and top quality cheeses. Discover our exceptional selection and let yourself be seduced by this unforgettable experience.

Wine Tour of France (in English)

Treat yourself to a unique taste experience with our Tour de France of Wines Tasting service. Discover the most prestigious wines of France during a tasting in English led by our wine experts. Book now for an unforgettable experience.
from €79

Dinner Cruise in Paris aboard the Péniche Tosca

The Péniche Tosca of the Eiffel Cruises company invites you to live a unique dinner cruise experience in Paris. Sail on the Seine while tasting a refined menu and admiring the monuments of the city of light. Book now for an unforgettable evening.
from €49

Bistronomic dinner aboard the Ivoire boat in Paris

Discover the Eiffel Cruises Bistronomic Cruise aboard the Bateau l'Ivoire. Enjoy a unique culinary experience while sailing on the Seine, in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Let yourself be seduced by the flavors of French cuisine, enhanced by fresh and seasonal products.
from €18

Ballon de Paris GENERALI

Discover the GENERALI Ballon de Paris and book your tickets now for an exceptional experience offering a panoramic view of Paris and contributing to the study of air quality. Affordable rates, flexible hours. Book and get ready to fly!

PanoraMagic Balloon

Discover the PanoraMagic Balloon, a sensational balloon flight experience. As the largest captive balloon in the world, it lifts you up to 100 meters above sea level, offering breathtaking views of Disney Village® and its surroundings for 20 kilometers around. Take advantage of low fares online and avoid queues by choosing to fly in the morning. Book now for an unforgettable aerial adventure!
from €27

Paradox Museum Paris

Discover the Paradox Experience in Paris. Buy your tickets for a captivating journey into the heart of the surreal. Book now and prepare to defy reality at this one-of-a-kind museum.

Maxim's Cruise and Champagne Tasting on the Seine

Enjoy a 1.5-hour cruise on the Seine with the Maxim's champagne cruise. Privatize the 'Bateau Ivre' for your group, panoramic view of Paris, and taste 3 champagnes selected by the sommelier from Ô Chateau.

Arboretum Versailles-Chèvreloup

Discover the preserved beauty of the Arboretum Versailles-Chèvreloup, a natural gem of the National Museum of Natural History. Book your tickets now and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of this exceptional green oasis.


Geology and Mineralogy Gallery of Paris

Explore the Geology and Mineralogy Gallery of Paris at the Jardin des Plantes. Discover a captivating universe of precious gemstones, rare minerals, and astonishing fossils. Get your tickets now for this unforgettable experience.

Félin Expo at the Grande Galerie de l'Evolution

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of felines! Discover 38 species, their incredible characteristics, and an exhibition accessible to all. Don't miss this unforgettable experience at the Grande Galerie de l'Évolution.

Tasting of exceptional cheeses and wines in a cellar

Discover the art of cheese and wine tasting in an authentic and professional environment! Immerse yourself in the world of cheese by tasting and pairing exceptional cheeses with wonderful wines. Join us in the 17th-century cheese cellar of the Le Marais shop. Your English-speaking cheesemonger will be your guide and provide you with exceptional wines for perfect cheese and wine pairings.

Wine and Cheese in English

Discover the Wine and Cheese Happy Hour, an unforgettable tasting experience in the heart of Paris, now available in English! Immerse yourself in the world of French wines during an intimate tasting session in the historic cellars of the Louvre Cellars. Enjoy three exquisite wines paired with delicious cheeses from La Fromagerie du Louvre. A friendly and unique moment for wine and gastronomy enthusiasts.

Expo Préhistomania

Dive into the human adventure of prehistoric art with the Préhistomania exhibition at the Musée de l'Homme in Paris. Discover extraordinary masterpieces from caves around the world, through a hundred surveys, paintings, drawings, and photographs. An fascinating experience not to be missed!
from €59

Prestige Lunch Cruise on the Seine aboard the Tosca


Embark on an unforgettable experience with the Prestige Lunch Cruise aboard the Tosca. Enjoy a delicious meal while cruising on the Seine, discover the wonders of Paris from the panoramic lounges, and let yourself be seduced by the timeless charm of the City of Light.

from €49

Lunch on board the Ivory Bistronomique Cruise

Embark on the Alexandre III Bridge for an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Discover the wonders of Paris along the Seine while enjoying a delicious bistronomique menu. Take in the panoramic view from the glass windows of the Ivory boat and let yourself be charmed by the tranquil ambiance of the capital's quays.

AURA INVALIDES: An immersive experience at the heart of the Invalides Dome in Paris!

Join us for a unique multimedia experience in the legendary Invalides Dome. AURA INVALIDES combines orchestral music, video mapping, and light games to enhance the architecture of this iconic monument. Discover this immersive show in the evening and let yourself be transported through an extraordinary adventure, rediscovering the exceptional heritage of the Invalides Dome.
from €9

Tickets for the visit to the City of Architecture and Heritage in Paris

Immerse yourself in France's architectural heritage at the City of Architecture and Heritage in Paris! Explore its fascinating permanent collections, marvel at captivating temporary exhibitions, and let yourself be transported through centuries of history and architectural creativity. Book your tickets now!

Tickets for the Immersive Grand Palais

Discover Immersive Grand Palais, a new branch dedicated to digital exhibitions in Paris. Experience unique artistic encounters, exploring works, artists, and trends while evoking authentic emotions. Two immersive exhibitions per year await you in the space set up at the Opéra Bastille. Don't miss out on this unprecedented cultural experience.
from €10

Méliès Museum, French Cinematheque

Discover the exceptional Méliès collection at the French Cinematheque! The new museum presents 800 square meters of brand-new exhibitions, taking you on a journey from Montreuil to Hollywood. Explore a century of cinematic exploration with over 300 machines, costumes, posters, drawings, and models, along with nearly 150 photographs. Dive into the world of the ingenious and pioneering poet, Georges Méliès, a special effects pioneer who influenced directors like Wes Anderson and James Cameron. A captivating immersion into the history of cinema!
from €59.90

iFLY Paris

Discover an incredible experience in Paris with iFLY Paris! Take the leap with a tandem skydiving baptism starting from €59.90 during off-peak hours and €69.90 during peak hours. Accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. Dive into new worlds with virtual reality baptism starting from €104.90. Choose your scenery for a breathtaking and unique experience! Don't miss this opportunity to live unforgettable sensations. Book now!

Exhibition Body to Body at the Pompidou Center in Paris

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of photography through the exhibition "Body to Body, History(ies) of Photography," which will take place from September 6, 2023, to March 25, 2024. This exceptional exhibition brings together more than five hundred works by historical and contemporary photographers, offering a unique perspective on the representation of humanity in the 20th and 21st centuries.

International City of the French Language - Château de Villers-Cotterêts

The International City of the French Language, hosted by the Château de Villers-Cotterêts, offers an enriching experience celebrating the French language and francophonie. A permanent exhibition, various exhibitions, and diverse activities are offered in a historically rich setting.
from €115

Tickets for Versailles and Paris Tour

Discover the must-see Paris + Versailles excursion by Tootbus. Explore Paris on an eco-friendly panoramic bus on the date of your choice and visit the Palace of Versailles with audioguides from Paris. Booking flexibility and tickets valid for 6 months. An unforgettable tourist experience!

Guided Tour of Roland-Garros

"Explore the Behind-the-Scenes of Roland-Garros Stadium - Book an exclusive tour to uncover the history, tennis legends, and secrets of the famous stadium. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience!"
from €12

Trianon Versailles

Discover the historical charm and splendid gardens of the Trianon Estate in Paris, just steps away from the Palace of Versailles. Immerse yourself in royal history, explore iconic buildings, and enjoy the Beautiful Waters of Trianon. Book your tickets now for an unforgettable experience in the heart of royal France.

Château de Champs-sur-Marne

Discover the Château de Champs-sur-Marne, a jewel of classical architecture, renowned for its sumptuous interiors, French gardens, and rich historical past, offering a fascinating glimpse into the aristocratic life of old France.

Marmottan Monet Museum

Discover the Marmottan Monet Museum, a sanctuary of Impressionism in Paris. Explore priceless works in an intimate atmosphere and receive essential tips for a memorable visit. Click for a unique artistic adventure!

Visit Château de Châteaudun

Discover the Château de Châteaudun, a historical and architectural gem. Immerse yourself in its captivating past, admire its unique gardens, and explore the home of a companion of Joan of Arc. Practical information, rates, access, and services available for an unforgettable experience. Châteaudun, where history meets natural majesty.

Exhibition Berthe Morisot and the Art of the 18th Century

Discover the unique world of Berthe Morisot at the Marmottan Monet Museum. The exhibition unveils her unexplored dialogue with 18th-century art. Exclusive works, intimate correspondences, an artistic adventure awaits you. Dive into the lesser-known history of an Impressionist pioneer. Visit our page for more information!

Yury Revich at Salle Pleyel

For the Salle Pleyel, Yury Revich has envisioned an ambitious and eclectic concert reflective of his journey: bridging the gap between classical and electronic, blending various artistic disciplines, he will perform his original music, accompanied by a chamber orchestra. He has also invited two young French singers (Sara Reinhart and Lorène Aldabra) and the illustrator Jeremy Kapone to take part in this event. Other surprises are also on the agenda!


The Magical Music of Harry Potter at Salle Pleyel

Experience the magic of "The Magical Music of Harry Potter - Live in Concert" at Salle Pleyel, an enchanting journey through the iconic melodies of the saga. Relive the adventures of Harry Potter with a symphony orchestra, immersive visual effects, and an electrifying atmosphere. A must-see event!

Decorative Arts Museum

Immerse yourself in the rich universe of the Decorative Arts Museum in Paris! Explore a breathtaking collection spanning ages, unique exhibitions, and the fascinating history of French decorative art. Book your ticket and have an unforgettable experience in the heart of the City of Light.

Fashion and Sport, from one podium to another

The exhibition 'Fashion and Sport, from one podium to another' at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris explores the fascinating interconnection between fashion and sport throughout history. From September 20, 2023, to April 7, 2024, discover how these two realms have influenced each other.

The Ducks of Paris

Discover Paris in a unique way with Ducks of Paris. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind 1 hour and 45-minute guided tour aboard an amphibious bus, combining land exploration and navigation on the Seine. Admire iconic sites, enriched with passionate commentary from expert guides. A memorable adventure awaits you.
from €60.40

Lunch at Madame Brasserie Eiffel Tower - Exceptional Cuisine by Thierry Marx

Experience an unforgettable lunch at Madame Brasserie, in the heart of the Eiffel Tower. Enjoy exceptional cuisine by Thierry Marx, in a breathtaking setting with views of Paris. Benefit from priority access, varied menus, and privileged locations. Book now for a unique gastronomic experience.
from €127.40

Exceptional Dinner at the Heart of the Eiffel Tower: Madame Brasserie

Immerse yourself in the heart of Parisian culinary exclusivity with a dinner at Madame Brasserie, a gastronomic gem nestled on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower. Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience, where Thierry Marx's refined cuisine meets the majesty of one of the world's most iconic monuments.

Tickets for Futuroscope

Futuroscope, a must-visit destination for entertainment and technology enthusiasts, is now accessible through the Come to Paris platform. Nestled in Poitiers, this revolutionary theme park has been offering an immersive experience at the intersection of science fiction, innovation, and cinema since 1987. Book your tickets online now with just a few clicks.

Customer Reviews

4.7/523,220 reviews

Daniel S.
Go for the menu upgrade!
February 13th 2024

Have been to Paris many times, so finally got around to trying this Seine river dinner cruise. What a blast.
Prior to booking, I read many mixed reviews, but decided to give it a shot, even paid for the upgraded menu, which is totally worth it because you have a more private and elegant part of the boat and better views and service.
There are many different dinner cruises on the Seine, but this one is ideal because you start and end at the Eiffel Tower, so there's lots of visibility of Paris' most famous icon.

Philip J.
A french history lessen not just for the french……
February 11th 2024
A magnificent building with a history to match. Being able to visit the tombs of such luminaries as Marie Curie and Victor Hugo was a humbling experience. Seeing Foucault’s pendulum was interesting and one in the eye for flat earthers!! All in all it was worth a visit.
Fabrizio D.
February 10th 2024

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