April in Paris April in Paris

April in Paris

Why is April a great time to visit Paris? Here at Come To Paris we've put our heads together to help you make the most of your time in Paris this April. What's more we've checked through the exhibits, events and theatrical spectaculars to come up with our list of must-see goings-on. Paris in April. What a treat!

Paris Weather in April

Paris in April, the sun returns from exile. As Charles Trenet says, and one believes him wholeheartedly, his song makes you want to stroll through the streets of the capital during the first warm days of spring. With average temperatures ranging from 7 to 15°C and nearly 11 days of pure sunshine, the climate is absolutely ideal for visiting Paris day and night, to admire its architectural beauties during a Seine river cruise or to explore its museums and monuments. Following the French saying, we also advise: in April, do not discard your layers. Always bring a light sweater in your bag, so you can enjoy a beautiful day in Paris to the fullest. With sunset between 7:30 and 8:00 pm, a late dinner cruise on the Seine will allow you to fully appreciate the illuminations of the City of Light.

Outing ideas

Ideas for outings
Paris is culture, but not just that. In April, the city is filled with street events and there are 1,001 things to do outdoors. For animal lovers, we can only suggest the Parc Zoologique de Paris or the Ménagerie du Jardin des Plantes. Never underestimate the joy of a boat ride on the Seine or a climb to the top of the Arc de Triomphe. And for those who don't spend half their time underground in the depths of the Parisian metro, we can only highly recommend the advantages and freedom provided by the Open Tour and the Batobus, which are bus and boat services with multiple stops. A great excuse to celebrate Easter with loved ones. Moreover, for Parisians, the holidays start on April 20 and last for two weeks.

April 2020 Calendar

  • April 2 to April 5 - Paris Art Fair, at the Grand Palais
  • March 27 to May 24 - Foire du Trône (Throne Fair)
  • Sunday, April 5 - Paris Marathon
  • April 30 to May 11 - Foire de Paris (Paris Fair), at Porte de Versailles

Discover Paris

Paris offers its visitors thousands of different faces, depending on the corners visited and the time of day that you visit. There are therefore many ways to discover and fall in love with it.