Districts of Paris Districts of Paris

Districts of Paris

Paris is an enjoyable city, with different aspects depending on the neighborhood you visit. It would be difficult to summarize more than 105 km²: Paris is multiple, both wise or noisy, bourgeois and popular. Take time to discover its different sides, try different activities and learn to love it entirely.

Are you looking for cultural activities? Take a hop on hop off bus and go to the Louvre to discover the most beautiful works of the French heritage. Then, take the bus to the Opera Garnier, visit this stunning place, and then continue your stroll to Montmartre. This village in the city will offer you amazing views of the capital city.

If instead you are looking for the peace and charm of Paris, you should go to Buttes-aux-Cailles area, on the edge of the student district and Chinatown. There are mainly families who enjoy its calm and green spaces.

When you are ready to enjoy the Parisian fever, head to the Bastille district, the heart of the party. Each evening, many concerts and other events take place in bars. Your only mission is to find the bar where the atmosphere will suit you best : reggae, jazz or rock? Beware, the metro runs until 1:30am - Later, you will have to try the night walks, which also have their own charm.

Discover Paris

Paris offers its visitors thousands of different faces, depending on the corners visited and the time of day that you visit. There are therefore many ways to discover and fall in love with it.