Visiting Paris in the Summer

“Every street, every stone seemed to belong to us. We were alone on earth in Paris in August”. As singer-songwriter Charles Aznavour put it so well, summer in Paris is calm. In summer, Parisians leave their beloved city and tourists arrive to enjoy the quieter streets, lighter traffic, and the less crowded pools, parks and gardens. Staying in the city of lights in the summer months means enjoying all that summer has to offer: beaches, ice cream, pools, fishing and the famous Seine river boats known as “bateaux mouches”. All of this means that you don’t have to leave the French capital to get the full summer vacation experience, even getting a little Parisian sand between your toes!

Where to get a tan and go for a swim?

Who says you can’t wear flip-flops in Paris? Every year, from mid-July to mid-August, the docks of the Seine River, the place de l'Hôtel de Ville, the Bassin de la Villette and other Parisian hot spots are covered in 5,000 tons of soft beach sand. Dozens of fun and sporty activities are scheduled throughout the summer on these faux beaches. Palm trees are planted, beach huts are built and deck chairs are installed transforming the riverbanks of Paris into temporary beaches and patios ready for all kinds of fun and games, not to mention relaxation!

The beaches of Paris Plages are not the only place to feel like you’re on a sunny vacation in the south of France. Sun worshippers will find Parisian paradise while sipping fresh juice on one of the countless patios, terraces and barge cafés throughout the capital city. The Café-Péniche du Batofar, the Villette Enchanté, and the Wanderlust will enchant music-lovers with regularly scheduled concerts and perfect ambiance.

If you want to go for a swim to escape the midday heat and sun, Paris has many large outdoor swimming pools. Some of these pools even offer space dedicated to those who want to lounge on a beach towel and soak up the sun, proving that getting a tan in a bikini while in Paris is possible, you just have to know the places to go. Look for open air pools or pools with s is the best wayolariums to avoid tan lines while in Paris!

Paris by water...

If lying around for hours working on your tan isn’t your speed and patios and cafés are too loud for you to peacefully sip your tomato juice, don’t worry, in Paris every problem has a solution. Why not treat yourself to a quiet walk along the seine followed by a Parisian lunch on a Bateau-Mouche? A boat ride on the Seine offers a different perspective on the city and all the cooling freshness of a day at the pool, without having to get wet.

Those who love fishing will be happy to learn that street fishing has become quite trendy in Paris since the activity was first authorized in 2011. The Bois de Boulogne area, the Seine, or the Lac des Buttes Chaumont, are some great Parisian fishing spots to drop your line and see if the fish will bite!

Paris Guide

Paris offers its visitors thousands of different faces, depending on the corners visited and the time of day that you visit. There are therefore many ways to discover and fall in love with it.