The 10 Most Romantic Places in Paris The 10 Most Romantic Places in Paris

The 10 Most Romantic Places in Paris

Paris is like nowhere else when it comes to love. This is a city that encourages all in it to be free, light of spirit and carefree. Venice, Rome and New York all lay claim to being romantic, but Paris has its own special aura, because the City of Light is also the City of Love. Whether it's lounging on the grass outside The Museum of Romantic Life, purring sweet nothings under the Eiffel Tower or embracing in front of "The Wall of I Love You", Paris is the ultimate place of the heart, as you'll find in our selection of the 10 Most Romantic Places in Paris.
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1The Butte Montmartre

Montmartre is renowned as the home of artists, of dancers, the can-can and as the setting of the romantic film 'Amelie'. Known by the French as "the Butte Montmartre", at its peak there's the extraordinary architecture of the Sacré-Coeur, the great Church of the Sacred Heart, which some say has echoes of the Taj Mahal. From there there's the essential romantic view of Paris, with winding streets and slate roofs spiralling below. Montmartre is the Parisian village of the past, the city of the Belle Epoque, and its squares and cafes are favourite places for lovers. Charming hotels and beautiful small restaurants add to the atmosphere of a uniquely romantic district of Paris.
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2The "I Love You" Wall

Not far away, hidden in Jehan Rictus Square near Abbesses Metro station, is the "Wall of I Love You", built to celebrate love and peace. In our world today, walls and borders serve to divide people. This wall is different, designed to unite everyone in love, with "I Love You" inscribed 311 times on it in 250 languages. Truly a place of love.
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3The Pont des Arts and the Pont de L'Archevêché

These are two Parisian bridges which have come to embody love, with a tradition that may have come from Hungary, or perhaps from Cologne. Lovers from around the world come to leave padlocks of all shapes and sizes, engraved with their names or initials. This new idea became more and more popular - so much that the weight of the padlocks threatened the mesh railings. The padlocks were removed from the 2 bridges in 2015. This part of the Seine has come to embody romance, and is popular for picnicking couples.
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4The garden of the Museum of Romantic Life

A secret haven at the foot of Montmartre, the garden of the Museum of Romantic Life is a delight for lovers who are seeking a place of peace of tranquility. If it's cold or raining, there's charming refuge to be had under the protective glass of the beautiful cafe, with tea to warm the heart. If it's sunny, there's nothing better than to lounge comfortably in the country garden outside, which is open to everyone, not just visitors to the museum. In sunny months, the perfume of spring and summer flowers fills the air, and the garden is rarely crowded so it's easy to find a beautiful, private place to sit. The enchanting location, the beautiful cafe - there are pastries too! - and the garden itself combine to make a magical place for lovers.
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5The Place Dauphine

Here's another secret, known to Parisians but to few visitors. The Place Dauphine is a square set near the western side of the Île de la Cité, surrounded by beautiful buildings. It was home to some of Paris's most famous couples, such as the "golden couple" of French cinema, Simone Signoret and Yves Montand, who lived at number 15 for many years. The Place Dauphine is just a few steps away from the Seine itself and the Pont Neuf, one of its most renowned bridges, and yet this square is like a small village whose residents still like to play "bocce", a traditional French game resembling bowls, at the weekend. With the solid old buildings that protect its tranquility from the bustle of the outside world, the Place Dauphine has numerous small restaurants with outdoor terraces that are perfect for a romantic drink or meal. This is a place to linger in. With just one visit, it's easy to see why this enchanting square has remained one of the favourite destinations for lovers in Paris for so many years.
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6Square du Vert Galant

Not far away from the Place Dauphine is another magical square, located right on the tip of the Île de la Cité. Square du Vert Galant was built in tribute to the mistresses of Henri IV and could hardly be more romantic. This is a green space surrounded by the Seine, a great place to soak up the sun, with feet dangling above the water, watching barges and boats, such as those of the Bateaux Mouches, meander past. This square is packed on summer days, and yet it remains one of the favoured places for romantics who seek the delightful combination of sparkling water and the greenery of the trees. In winter, there's more privacy for lovers, who may choose to bring along a warm jacket or perhaps a blanket to keep them protected from the breeze from the Seine.
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7The Eiffel Tower

For more than 100 years, Paris's Iron Lady has watched, from her lofty height of 324 metres, the lovers kissing far below on the grass of the imposing gardens of the Champ de Mars. The Eiffel Tower has been witness to many proposals of marriage, first kisses and declarations of love, making it a must-visit for any couples who are in love. Every evening, sparkling with lights, the Eiffel Tower offers even more romantic attractions. Of course, Gustave Eiffel's magnificent creation is best known for its unique architecture, a design that represents the very identity of Paris around the world, and from the top offers a unique 360° view of the city. One idea is to step back from the crowds, and admire the tower from some distance, perhaps across the Seine at the Trocadero Gardens. There's more peace and quiet, too, at the edge of the Champ de Mars, near the Paris Military School. Romantics might also make for the Wall for Peace near the end of the gardens, a beautiful contemporary piece of sculptural art with the word "Peace" written in 32 languages, and a great view of the Eiffel Tower.
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8Parc Montsouris

Parc Montsouris is a beautiful, large park, planted in the English tradition, a sanctuary in the 14th arrondissement where lovers can lose themselves. In summer the park bursts with flora and fauna. This is a dreamlike place with vast expanses of grass, ancient trees and a lake with caves and waterfalls. In all, this is one of the most relaxed parts of the French capital. The driveway into the park near the Boulevard Jourdan is a favourite for foreign students who whisper their love as they sit on the benches.
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9Père Lachaise Cemetery

It's a cemetery, and it's also one of the most romantic and beautiful places in Paris. The 43 hectares of Père Lachaise make it one of the largest green spaces in the French capital, with more than 4,000 majestic trees offering shade, among them maple, ash, cedar and chestnut. Up on a gentle hillside there's the most visited part of the cemetery, the so-called "romantic sector". Here lie the graves of the great personalities of the first French empire. There's a certain romance in the way the lush greenery thrives alongside elaborate tombs, among them those of Honoré de Balzac, Oscar Wilde and the humble and much visited resting place of the cult singer Jim Morrison of The Doors. A stroll through Père Lachaise always holds fascination for lovers, who perhaps dream of the mysteries and secrets this place contains.
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10A walk on the banks of the Seine

The quays of the Seine are a must for couples in love. The Seine is the perfect companion for romantics to walk hand in hand, passing the Pont des Arts, the Louvre, the majestic Notre-Dame cathedral and the Île Saint-Louis. The banks of the Seine are the very heart of the City of Light and embody its many centuries of history, centuries when couples have used the Seine's banks to declare their love. The two islands in the river, Île Saint-Louis and Île de la Cité, attract lovers seeking peace, quiet and elegant, small restaurants. The brides over the river have always attracted lovers who linger under them. By tradition, couples who kiss under the Pont Marie, the bridge which links the Île Saint-Louis with the Quai de l'Hôtel de Ville, should make a secret wish - guaranteed, of course, to come true ... . Finally, one of the simplest of all romantic walks is along the Seine to find the traditional booksellers with their antiquarian wares.

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