Montparnasse Montparnasse


It is difficult to believe that Montparnasse was once merely “a pile of rubble”. However this is how the district got its name, evoking its resemblance to Mont Parnasse, the meeting place of muses, according to Greek mythology.

And the area has not betrayed its name: still populated with artists today, Montparnasse is a place of pleasant walkways where families, executives and students all cross paths. A real cultural centre, Montparnasse area is home to many theatres beside Edgar Quinet, and also to cinemas along the Montparnasse boulevard. As if it wasn’t already rich with activities, the Montparnasse district also has a large number of offices, especially in the Tour Montparnasse, the only skyscraper within the city of Paris with its 210 metre height! Although most of the building is mainly used for offices, make sure to enjoy the panoramic bar and the breath-taking view from its terrace at the top of the tower.

Come back down to the ground and ride on a wave of dreams of exoticism by taking in a special show at Brasil Tropical – only a few steps from the Tour Montparnasse. Alone, in a couple, or with the family, come and delight all your senses by discovering the colours, music and flavours that come straight from Brazil. And if the tropical fever takes over you, you can end the night on the cabaret’s dance floor.

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