Island of the City Island of the City

Island of the City

For an original itinerary accompanied by a guide, book a walk through the heart of the Island of the City.

The Île de la Cité is the cradle of Paris, the link between two riverbanks. While this small piece of land in the middle of the Seine has undergone significant changes over the centuries, it brings together some of the most beautiful jewels of the Capital.

The first of them is, of course, the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral, immortalized by Victor Hugo's novel. It remains the most visited monument in France. But it's not the only masterpiece of Gothic architecture on the island. Inside the Palais de Justice, you can discover the Sainte-Chapelle, a sublime gem that houses the sacred relics of Christ, including the crown of thorns.

You can trace back to the Roman origins of Paris by descending into the Archaeological Crypt of Notre-Dame. However, you may prefer to relive the grand history of Paris by visiting the Conciergerie, built by Philippe Le Bel, which was the last residence of Marie-Antoinette. In any case, you can visit these places by purchasing a Paris City Passport.

Breathe in the fresh air and head down to the quays to embark on a Seine River cruise at the Pont Saint-Michel. If you prefer solid ground, stroll along the riverbanks to reach the tip of the island and relax in the Square du Vert-Galant. Go above water level and admire the Pont Neuf and the magnificent equestrian statue of Henri IV.

Before nightfall, enjoy the sun on one of the terraces of the very bucolic and secret Place Dauphine. In the shade of its tall trees, you can particularly admire No. 15, which was inhabited by Simone Signoret and Yves Montand...

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