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The statue on top of the Colonne de Juillet (The July Column) has seen the Bastille quarter transform and develop over time to become one of the most lively areas of Paris.

At the same place where the rebellion against the famous Bastille prison and fortress took place, you can admire the modern and sophisticated architecture of the Opéra Bastille, finished in 1989 and built as part of François Mitterrand’s great projects. It is around the Opéra that the rebirth of the Bastille quarter has taken place, which is now a mixture of both contemporary and Haussmannian architecture.

The Bastille district is full of charm with its restaurant-filled streets and its green spaces. Firstly, drop anchor on the quays of the port de l’Arsenal (Arsenal Port) and enjoy a calm walk. Lose yourself in the many walkways which fill this typical area of Paris and stroll past the illuminated boutique windows.

It is at nightfall when the Bastille area reveals its true colours. For more than 30 years, fashionable bars and restaurants have emerged in this area. There are always many establishments such as Bofinger, an elegant Parisian brasserie with a magnificent glass dome.

Passing through the Saint-Antoine neighbourhood, from rue de Lappe to rue de la Roquette, the abundant lit-up bars and clubs attract a crowd of night owls, ready to fight the Parisian night until the end. You can also enjoy musical performances in places such as Café de la Danse or Scène Bastille and discover through music one of the most lively districts in the capital.

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