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The Tennessee Riverboat Valentine's Day 2024


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What to expect

Do you want to share romantic moments with your significant other on Valentine's Day, the day of lovers? There's nothing better than a dinner cruise aboard the Tennessee Riverboat, gliding along the Seine.

For the Valentine's Day evening, the Tennessee Riverboat will cruise the Seine to captivate you during a two-hour romantic journey. On the evening of Friday, February 14th, treat yourselves to a magical moment with your beloved one. Enjoy flavorful dishes together while admiring the nighttime beauty of the City of Light.

Tennessee Dinner Cruise

Moored at the Javel port, the vessel known as Le Tennessee enchants with its mesmerizing paddlewheels and upper deck. Allow yourself to be captivated by the majestic ambiance provided by its mahogany woodwork. Take your seat and settle in comfortably with your partner on the plush red velvet chairs. As the evening begins, a glass of champagne will be offered to delight each of you in honor of the celebration of love. Facing a warmly decorated table adorned with candles, you will experience exceptional moments as a couple. This romantic cruise along the Seine will be one more opportunity to showcase the affection you hold for your loved one. Afloat, you can gaze upon Paris's iconic landmarks together, savoring well-appointed plates. This splendid vessel has a musical performance planned for a unique evening. To experience this dreamlike moment, secure your spots for this dinner cruise today.

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