Mini Maousse 9 Mini Maousse 9

Mini Maousse 9 From March 20 to September 16, 2024, at the City of Architecture and Heritage in Paris


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Permanent Collections
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31-07-23 > 02-09-24: Notre-Dame de Paris, from builders to restorers
14-02-23 > 02-06-24: Pau Andreu
19-03-24 > 16-09-24: Mini Maousse 9
19-03-24 > 16-09-24: Once Upon a Time in the Stadiums


What to expect

The City of Architecture and Heritage is hosting an outstanding exhibition from March 20 to September 16, 2024: Mini Maousse 9. This ninth edition of the competition stands out for its exploration of active design, an innovation in urban planning and architecture aimed at promoting a physically active lifestyle in public spaces.

Mini Maousse 9: When the City Embraces Games

The Essence of the Exhibition

Under the theme "When the city embraces games," Mini Maousse 9 echoes a new vision of the city, not only as a place of residence but also as a space for physical activity. Through the presentation of 50 active design projects from around the world, the exhibition highlights how cities can become platforms for sports and well-being.

One of the highlights of the exhibition is the presentation of the Mini Maousse competition itself, which invited participants to conceive a "micro Fan Zone" on the move. This concept aims to create friendly and family-friendly spaces in sensitive neighborhoods, particularly those in Saint-Denis, to encourage residents' participation in the Olympics and other sports events, in a spirit of inclusion and conviviality.

Active Design at the Core

Active design, at the heart of this exhibition, offers reflection on how architecture and urban planning can contribute to combating obesity and cardiovascular diseases by encouraging an active lifestyle. The initiative aims to create public spaces where sports practice is not only possible but also inviting and free.

A Response to Contemporary Challenges

The need to experience, see, and share the Games is a challenge in a society where "home" tends to become the main place of residence. Mini Maousse 9 addresses this issue by proposing solutions to include all citizens, especially those distant from major sports centers, in the celebration of sports.

A Fruitful Collaboration

This exhibition is the result of collaboration between various actors: the City of Saint-Denis, the Higher School of Wood, and the association "Draw me 2024." Together, they have created a project that not only imagines solutions but also aims to implement them, to transform urban space into a place of activity and gathering.

Mini Maousse 9 is not just an exhibition; it is a call to rethink our cities and our ways of life. Through the lens of active design, it opens avenues for reflection and action for a more welcoming city, where sports and physical activity are accessible to all, thus promoting widespread well-being. A visit is essential for anyone interested in the future of our urban environments and the role of sports in our societies.


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