Paris in the rain Paris in the rain

Paris in the rain

What to do in Paris when it rains?

Here's a question you'd hope never to ask yourself... However, Paris in the rain offers the opportunity to discover that the City of Light is not just a beautiful facade; it's also an enormous playground, a shopping haven, and a place for leisurely activities and fantastic visits to monuments and museums. Why not indulge in the experience of a cultural exhibition, a secret known only to the grand museums of Paris? Enjoy lunch in an Art Deco brasserie, venture 20,000 leagues under the sea at the Aquarium de Paris, have a VIP shopping afternoon at Galeries Lafayette, stroll through the covered passages of the Grands Boulevards, or dare to visit the Manoir de Paris, the most terrifying haunted house in the world.

Come to Paris has carefully selected the best activities to do in Paris when it rains. Monuments and museums await your exploration, and you can check out the cultural exhibitions held exclusively in the major Parisian museums. You can also enjoy the elegance of an Art Deco brasserie, experience the wonders of the Aquarium de Paris and indulge in a VIP shopping spree at Galeries Lafayette. If you prefer unique experiences, take a leisurely stroll through the enchanting covered passages of the Grands Boulevards, or if you're feeling brave, challenge yourself with a visit to the scariest haunted house in the world - the Manoir de Paris.

So, when the rain starts to fall, don't fret! Paris has plenty to offer, and Come to Paris has curated the finest selection of activities for you to enjoy.

Paris in the rain: be smart!

Afraid of having to face the rain while enduring endless lines at the entrance of the main Parisian landmarks? If our priority e-tickets or frequently used fast-track tickets don't convince you, consider visiting lesser-known and thus less touristy museums like the Wine Museum or the Dalí Museum.

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