Taxi-cab prices in Paris

Taxi-cab rates in 2020

All taxi companies in Paris, even if they do not offer the same services, must obey certain rules regarding prices, set each year by prefectural decree.

In 2020, the minimum price for a race, including supplements, is set at € 7.10.

Rates are capped:

  • Support (starting amount of the taximeter when it is started): € 4.10
  • Mileage rate: € 1.10
  • Hourly rate: € 36.73, for one hour of waiting or slow running
  • Supplement from the 5th person transported: 4 € per additional person.

In Paris, the supplement for booking taxis in advance is fixed:

  • Instant booking: € 4
  • Advance booking: € 7

There is no additional charge for pets or luggage.

The driver is compelled to accept payment in cash or by credit card.

To know: A note worth invoice indicating the price of the cab ride must be given to the customer, as soon as the price of the ride reaches € 25 (VAT included).

Trips from / to the airport in Paris

Since 2016, flat rates have been set for direct trips between Paris and the airports of Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle and Orly, in both directions.

The maximum scale is as follows:

Between Charles-de-Gaulle and Paris right bank (north of the Seine): € 50 - duration 1 hour
Between Charles-de-Gaulle and Paris left bank (south of the Seine): € 55 - duration 1 hour
Between Orly and Paris right bank (north of the Seine): € 35 - duration 40 mins
Between Orly and Paris left bank (south of the Seine): € 30 - duration 25 min

Estimated taxi price in Paris

Eiffel Tower and Moulin Rouge: € 18 - 20 - duration 20 min
Center of Paris and Disneyland Paris: € 90 - 110 - duration 90 min
Notre Dame and Eiffel Tower: € 20 - duration 20mn
Sacred Heart and Arc de Triomphe Champs Elysées: € 20 - duration 18 mins
Center of Paris and Palace of Versailles: € 50 - 60 - duration 50 min
Galeries Lafayette and Orsay Museum: € 15 - duration 10 minutes
North station and Bateaux Mouches: € 25 - duration 25 - 30 min
Louvre Museum and Montparnasse Tower: € 20 - duration 20 mins

In Paris, vehicle for hire or taxi?

Like many big cities, Paris has experienced the rise of hybrid passenger cars in recent years. Unlike taxis, the price of the journey is fixed in advance with the drivers of the Uber, Heetch, Kapten or Bolt applications.

However, according to several studies, the prices of taxis taken from the street and vehicles for hire are very close.
For Ubers, prices can change intensively depending on demand at time T but at least they are fixed and known before the trip.

Taxis can take the bus route in Paris, which can be quite an advantage in the event of complicated traffic. Similarly, they can travel on a special lane on the motorway to Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport.

Some tips for booking your taxi in Paris

  • It is cheaper to take a hailed taxi in the street than to book it in advance.
  • The taxi price is cheaper from Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Avoid taking a taxi when traffic is dense.
  • If you are booking a taxi, get out a little before the meeting time to avoid paying extra charges.
  • Beware of the many fake taxis at the airport entrance. Do not respond to direct requests and check that the vehicle has a sealed plate at the front, a taximeter and a counter which must be activated when the race starts.

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